You Can Make A Difference in South Asia

May 23, 2020

Ever feel helpless?

Watching a car slide on an icy road and slam into another…?

Seeing a senior fall down a staircase…?

Learning about someone in extreme poverty dying of starvation…?

No fun. And not a feeling you’d like to repeat. But over and over these days, we’re all seeing images of tragedy and we feel helpless.

On the flip side, we love the human heroes who are charging to the front lines and sacrificing for those caught in a pandemic. Maybe there are even ways you’ve been moved to help with a food drive or donate blood to help with the crisis nearby.

In South Asia, there are actually laws in many states that completely contradict the mandate of Jesus. Jesus says “go, teach, baptize, make disciples…” and the government says “you may not.” Do you feel a knot starting in your stomach?

Hundreds of millions of men, women, boys, and girls have never heard the story of Jesus and learned of His love in South Asia. More than 20 million children roam the streets with no adult claiming responsibility.

And now, transportation is closed, and no one who travels for work, can earn even a small amount to buy food. And the markets are shuttered, even if you could afford to buy. There is little to no testing, so it’s uncertain whether the invisible Coronavirus is even present—but much worse threats of starvation can be clearly seen.

Feel helpless?

In the face of the most widespread need South Asia has possibly ever experienced, Stadia wants to help you make a difference. On Sunday, June 7th we will gather online for Hope for South Asia. This is a telethon of learning, celebrating, challenging and even laughing in the face of the pandemic problems facing this country which is so dear to the heart of God.

Join Greg Nettle and Andrea Hamilton as they interview guests from around the country and around the world who are taking action rather than surrendering to anxiety. Hear from Jossy Chacko, founder of Enhance*, Stadia’s partner for starting churches in South Asia. Join Albert Tate from Monrovia, California, Jason Lantz from Canton, Ohio, Drew Peterson and Don Hamilton from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and many more who are leading out in sending well-trained leaders into the field to serve the least in the name of Jesus.

Until Every Child Has A Church.

*For security, pseudonyms are used for our partner ministry and the country is not named.



Brent mobilizes people and groups to resource the Stadia mission. His church planting adventure began in 1991 when he and his wife Kay were called to plant in Albany, NY. Determined to help start a movement, Brent and the young Albany congregation, known as Christ’s Church, engaged with others to plant in Nashua, NH a few years later, then in Poughkeepsie, NY, Binghamton, NY and by the end of a decade as far away as Gaithersburg, MD where 22 disciples moved on mission. After coaching dozens of church planters sponsored by churches, foundations and church planting agencies, Brent left the staff of Christ’s Church to work full time facilitating new churches throughout the U.S. He served three years as Executive Director of the Exponential Conference before joining Stadia as an executive and working in a variety of ways to advance the Stadia mission. Brent and Kay continue to call Upstate NY home where they garden together and travel to visit their children and grandchildren in Colorado (Ben, Katie, Zachary, Liam, Annalyn), St. Louis (Brendon, Amanda, Morgan, Grahm), San Diego (Keenan, Trevor) and New York (Kyrin, Dom, Zinnia).

Brent Foulke

VP of Global Church Planting, Stadia