You Are Not Alone

May 12, 2020

Church Planters wear a lot of hats. Some of us literally have vast hat collections that we rotate as a sign of our fashion sense, while all of us wear a lot of figurative hats–attempting to balance the many roles that we play in our lives. Throughout the challenges brought on by COVID-19, we are having to continue to be flexible and adaptable as we navigate this new normal.

Valarie Grimes is a woman in the Bloom Community who is definitely wearing a lot of hats right now. She and her husband Rahman are planting Radiant Church in Savannah, GA, launching  in September 2020. Not only does Valarie serve as the Lead Pastor at this new church plant, she also serves as a Registered Nurse on the Cardiac Procedures Unit at Memorial Health University Medical Center in Savannah, GA. Over the last two months, she has been a Hope Giver to her patients and colleagues, using her digital platform on Facebook to provide daily encouragement to her community. Valarie has spent time specifically praying for the patients and nurses on the COVID-19 units at her hospital–documenting these experiences through social media.

I thank God for watching over me, I thank God for keeping me. I walk not in fear but I walk in faith. And remember that faith is the substance of things hoped for. So I am walking in hope every time I go in this building, every time I walk in, I walk in hope! – Valerie Grimes

Valarie also got to share this story of hope through a Stadia webinar on May 5 titled, “On the Front Lines.” At this webinar, three different front line healthcare workers who also work in ministry settings shared their perspectives on what they want church leaders to understand about this season. You can find all our upcoming webinars, as well as past webinars and resources here.

In addition to the resources that Stadia has provided for church leaders through webinars, the Bloom Community provides virtual opportunities through prayer and soul care gatherings for women in church planting to connect with one another.  Like Valarie, these women serve in various capacities in church planting–from lead and staff roles to significant volunteer roles who serve in their homes and in the marketplace. Stadia champions women in church planting!

We recognize that there is a great deal of content available now that our computer screens have become one of our main tools for communication. However, the connection piece that comes through relationships with others who are the front lines of church planting is invaluable. Whether in a global pandemic or any unique season in church planting, the Bloom Community provides spaces to connect with others in church planting so women know they are not alone.

The Gospel message of Hope is what people all over are searching for. What we cannot accomplish alone to Give Hope, we do together in sharing our stories and resources with one another. How will you give hope to your community?

Heidy helps empower women to thrive in all areas of church planting. Prior to church planting and her role in Bloom, Heidy worked for 10 years in Leadership Development and Higher Education. She and her husband Josh planted Movement Church in Newport, KY in March, 2014 and have two amazing kiddos, Isaac and Clara Jo. Heidy is also passionate about storytelling and making any event or activity just a little more fun.

Heidy Tandy

Associate Director of Bloom, Stadia