Who Does That?

Currently trekking over 50 miles in the Himalayas toward Everest Basecamp is a team who loves the vision of Stadia. They’re taking physical steps (up a mountain) to further the mission of making sure that every child, everywhere, has a church. But who does that… And why? Well, meet the trekkers.

Jeremy Starcher “I’m learning that when God open’s doors, there’s usually a kingdom reason. This climb represents one man’s step out in faith to help kids step into hope.”

Andrea Wells “I haven’t had to experience life without Jesus’ love, grace, and hope. I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Jesus from a young age through a local church and amazing community. I’m trekking Everest to raise funds for more churches because every child, teenager, and adult deserves to experience Jesus; to know have to live without Him, and it has been proven that new churches are the most effective way of reaching people.” 

Mark Cleaveland “I’m making this incredibly difficult trek because I want every child to have their own church family just like my two wonderful grandkids. Yes, it will be hard, but so is making sure that every child has a church.  My wife and I currently sponsor some kids in Bolivia who have a church family because of the work of Stadia, and we simply want all children to have a church family.”  

Dave Jane “I am climbing to stretch me physically, emotionally and spiritually, but I am also climbing to make a difference in the lives of children around the World.” 

Nanci I tend to need a BIG goal to motivate me. Or maybe I just always think in big terms – big vision – extreme possibilities. Something that could not be accomplished on my own, not without the help of others.”

Greg Nettle Because every child matters!” 

Karl Haisch “My three kids and the tender hearts of all children are what inspires me to pursue trekking to EBC. I am climbing for the men, women and especially children to have a church where they can gather, experience fellowship, and have an opportunity to hear about Jesus’ redemptive work on the cross.” 

Joe Porter “The act of climbing is a great metaphor for the struggle that is necessary to continue to wage war against the darkness, especially for our children. In my role as the documentary filmmaker on the team, I am excited about capturing the spirit and stories along the way.”

Give now to help start new churches as the trek team climbs to new heights! We can’t wait to share updates from the trek as we get them.