After 30 years in the corporate world, I answered God’s call to go support ministry as my vocation.   In 2003 I was invited to work with a group who had formerly been known as the “Northern California Evangelistic Association” and was soon to be known as “Stadia: New Church Strategies.” Through Potter’s Will Consulting (the company I founded to support ministries), I was a preferred vendor with Stadia, providing administrative services to the Church Planting Assessment Center and bookkeeping services to new church plants.

In early 2017, Stadia invited me to formally join the team as the Director of Accounting.  For almost 3 years, I have been blessed to be part of an incredible team of people who are dedicated to church planting efforts.  I recently felt God’s nudge to retire. As we sometimes do during seasons of significant transition, I began to think back on my time serving with church planters and the Stadia team.

I have always been interested in successful organizations and what makes them successful and with that in mind, I began to think about what has made Stadia successful in its mission to “plant churches that intentionally care for children.”  I came up with my top ten observations which I believe Stadia has embraced—and they’ve resulted in Stadia’s success at our mission.

  • Church Planting is messy and chaotic.
  • It takes everyone on the team doing what God has gifted them to do.
  • Everyone on the team is desirous of the team’s success.
  • Following God’s lead is sometimes scary (and painful) but always fulfilling.
  • God doesn’t always answer our prayers as we ask, but he always answers with our best interest in mind.
  • As team players, God often wants us outside our comfort zone.
  • At Stadia, transparency in the workplace is a strength—not a weakness.
  • Stadia is filled with Godly, gifted people who are passionate about church planting.
  • Stadia’s values of Children, Relationships, Impact, Urgency and Celebration are reflected in everything that we do.
  • At Stadia, “Until every child has a church” is not a catchphrase; it’s a lifestyle.

I feel so humbled to have been a part of what God is doing through Stadia and am praying with confidence that Stadia won’t stop until EVERY CHILD HAS A CHURCH.


Peggy recently shared these ten observations during an all-team video call. We are so thankful for everything she’s done for church plants all over the world—and we’re just as excited to see how she continues to grow the kingdom in her current role. Peggy’s perspective on Stadia’s success in planting churches that intentionally care for children is invaluable, and we hope that you caught a glimpse of the kind of world-changing work that goes on through our team and the church planters that we work to support. Would you  consider using your own resources to help plant #MoreAndBetter churches?

In 2001, Peggy left a job as Vice President of Operations with a real estate company and has used her professional expertise in full time ministry ever since. She has served as Director of Administration for Heritage Christian Church in Georgia and as Director of Southeast Operations for Stadia. In 2005 she formed Potter’s Will Consulting to support church planting through bookkeeping and administrative services. After working with the Stadia team to oversee all of our accounts payables and receivables, she transitioned to a consultant role on August 1, 2019. Married for 45 years, Peggy and her husband, Mal, have one daughter and one grandson.

Peggy Liddell

Operations Consultant