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We're Going The Extra Mile

“If a soldier demands that you carry his gear for a mile, carry it two miles.”
—Matthew 5:41 NLT

Ok, so no one is taking unfair advantage of us, but we love the message of this verse:

Live a servant life.
Be generous.
Go The Extra Mile.

This year, we’re Going the Extra Mile by raising $350K that will help start 20 new churches.

“But does the world need new churches?”

YES. At least churches that are thriving, growing, and multiplying for the next generation.

Why do you want to help start new churches?”

It’s what we’ve been called to do. As followers of Jesus ourselves, we believe He called us to go and make disciples of all nations. 

New Churches change lives. We’ve seen it first-hand. Check out the incredible stories on our Youtube Channel of people from all over the world who have encountered Jesus at new churches where they experienced hope and life transformation.

New churches are the best way to reach new people. Are you more likely to try a burger from the Big Boy that’s been down the street for 30 years, or the new local burger joint that highlights local meat, produce, and beverages from farmers and makers in your own city? (Sorry, Big Boy fans.) Ok.. That analogy might be a little much. But it’s proven that people are attracted to new things. What if that new thing could bring new life for someone?

It’s no secret that existing churches have been closing more rapidly than new healthy churches have been able to start. Just 50 years ago in 1972, the world’s population was just around 3.8 billion people… Today, we’re about to surpass 8 billion people. At Stadia, we’re working hard and partnering with people and churches like you to help start more new churches that thrive for the next billion.

“How do you help start new churches?”

We offer free resources, trainings, project management, and more to people who are called to start new churches.

Stadia’s Discovery Center is free and provides people the space and guidance to discern their own calling, readiness, and competency to be successful as the leader of a new church. Stadia also helps by walking alongside new churches with coaching and mentorship for the first couple years to ensure health and stability for the church and its leaders.

After this, to no surprise, we end up forming friendships and relationships with these new churches and cheer each other on. We become partners and see new churches multiply. They are churches FOR new churches. 

We partner with other organizations and churches around the world to make an even greater impact and to share the hope of Jesus as far as we can.

Through Bloom we empower and champion women in church planting―no matter their role or responsibility. We know being a woman in ministry comes with its own set of unique challenges, and we want to help women find authentic relationships, and accessible resources so they can thrive and amplify their impact.

We have a specialized team of Church Bookkeepers who are trained uniquely for church finances and highly trusted. They take care of the books so pastors and ministry staff can be free to do what they do best!

Our President, Greg Nettle, hosts a podcast called, The Church Planting Podcast that is designed to help leaders advance God’s kingdom in innovative and disruptive ways. It explores the nuts & bolts, pains & joys, and the challenges of being called to start new churches. Every episode highlights incredible difference makers and impact leaders from around the world with unique perspectives and insight.

But we can’t and won’t do it alone. Will you Join us?

On September 17th, 2022 we’re getting active―and Going The Extra Mile on our walks, runs, bike rides, paddle-boards (and more) to raise $350K that will go towards starting 20 new churches!

Since our founding in 2003, Stadia has helped start 1,852 new churches. Still, this isn’t enough for the billions of people around the world to experience the hope of Jesus in a thriving church… Let’s Go The Extra Mile for the billions of lives who need to know the hope of Jesus.