Welcome to the Team, Joshua Chavez!

Mar 27, 2019

Since we announced our move toward open-handed generosity, we’ve seen huge growth on all fronts. In order to keep chasing after our vision of #MoreAndBetter churches, we’re growing our team of church planting experts. We want to introduce you to our newest team member, Joshua Chavez! Josh will be serving as our Discovery Manager, and we can’t wait to see how he reaches out to bring more up-and-coming planters along in our vision.

We’re stoked to have had the the chance to talk with Josh about who he is and what he does:

1. Where are you from?

I was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, and I’m now a native of Long Beach, CA.

2. Tell us about your family. Who are they, what do you all like to do together?

I’m married to Noemi, 18 years now and on our way to forever. We have two sons, Joshua Anthony & Stephen Aaron. We are foodies! We love to eat, watch Superhero movies and go on family road trips.

3. How did you get involved in Ministry? Where do you work now?

Born and raised in the Church. At the age of 18, I went on a journey that’s led me to where I’m at today. I planted a church alongside my wife in 2007, and I currently serve as Lead Pastor of Revive Church—a multi-site, church-planting church in the Greater Los Angeles area and Mexico.

4. If you could give a new church planter or minister one piece of advice, what it be?

There’s a natural process of growth that takes place between planting and harvesting (bearing fruit). Planting requires a faith, labor and commitment to do what is within your power, the rest is in the hands of the Lord of the Harvest. In other words… #TrustTheProcess. It’s coming…

5. If you could give a seasoned church planter or minister one piece of advice, what would it be?

Shepherding the brokenness and the greatness in people is a reminder of God’s confidence in you, trusting you with his greatest treasure: his children. Continue to build his house and Kingdom beyond personal gain and embrace the fruit of your labor, whether it’s growing in your churches or elsewhere. There’s a maturity we reach when we are okay with seeing the seed we sow in certain people for a season end up growing in other (and others’) trees. Remember, church growth elsewhere is church growth everywhere. It’s His Church, His Kingdom—and we get to be a part of it.

6. What will you be doing with Stadia, and what are you most excited about?

I am the New Discovery Manager with Stadia, and I’m most excited to be a part of a great team and collaborate in planting healthy churches.

Joshua Chavez serves as the Lead Pastor of Revive Church, a rapidly growing mutli-ethnic, multi-generational, multi–site church in Los Angeles, CA. In addition to leading this church community, Joshua has also served as a traveling Worship Leader and has led worship nationwide with organizations such as Promise Keepers, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, Urban Youth Workers Institute, Maranatha Music and others.

Joshua is passionate about serving the local church. He is dedicated to partnering with local churches, church planters and church planting teams to strengthen and train them in creating healthy Gospel-Centered, Community Engaging, Kingdom Advancing Churches and Ministries.

Joshua his wife Noemi and two boys live in Long Beach, CA. They are passionate Jesus freaks and live on mission to make Jesus more famous everywhere they go.

He will be connecting with and encouraging the potential planters who reach out to and are referred to Stadia. He will help them move through our planter discovery process towards assessment and partnership. We’re eager to see his gifts and talents work toward planting #MoreAndBetter churches!