Welcome, Sergio Rizo!

Jun 3, 2019

We at Stadia are proud to announce and welcome Sergio Rizo as our organization’s new Resource Development Director. Rizo will be responsible for sharing the global need for new churches with church leaders, business leaders, and anyone else who has a heart to see every child have a church. He joins us after previously working as the Vice President of Development and Community Relations at Ozark Christian College in Joplin, MO, and prior to that, he served in the Vice Chancellor’s Office for Investments at Vanderbilt University. Six years of experience with these world-class colleges have made Rizo an expert in connecting Kingdom investment dreams of churches and donors with mission.

In January of 2019, we announced we would be providing our world-class services to church planters with no strings attached in order to see more and better churches planted. This unprecedented and disruptive move has dramatically accelerated the number of church planters we are working with, making the need for a seasoned expert like Rizo obvious and necessary. Rizo says, “Stadia’s audacious vision to ensure every child has a church compels spiritual entrepreneurs to join the vision. We Rizos are genuinely excited to be a part of the Stadia family. I am eager to share in the work of helping resource new churches and honored to invite others to express their passions for more and better churches through partnership with Stadia. God’s provision is necessary, and I’m honored to serve on the Stadia team.”

Our Exec Team shares in Rizo’s excitement. Resource Development Executive, Justin Moxley, says, “The Stadia family and I are excited to have Sergio and his family join in Stadia’s mission of one day helping every child to have a church. Sergio is a true servant, someone that has never met a stranger and has a passion to see the Kingdom grow through new churches. Sergio will bring wisdom, new relationships, and a wealth of experience to Stadia. We couldn’t be more excited for the days ahead!” Our President, Greg Nettle, echoed Moxley’s statements, saying, “I am incredibly excited for a leader of Sergio’s caliber to be joining the Stadia team. Sergio is a man of character, conviction and competency. He will move the ball forward in Stadia’s commitment to making sure that every child has a church!”

Welcome Sergio Rizo to the Stadia team! We are thrilled you are on board, and can’t wait to see how your leadership will help us to plant more & better churches – until every child has a church!