Keeping People on Mission When You Can't Meet In a Physical Location



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Aaron Brockett

Lead Pastor, Trader’s Point Christian Church

Aaron Brockett Bio

Aaron Brockett is the lead pastor of Traders Point Christian Church in Indianapolis. Since he joined the church in 2007, it has grown from 1,500 people in one location to more than 9,000 people in six locations, earning recognition as one of the fastest growing churches in the U.S. from Outreach Magazine.

He is passionate about removing unnecessary barriers that keep people from Jesus, just as the men in Mark 2 “wrecked the roof” in order to get the paralytic to Jesus. “Jesus says, ‘I will draw all men and women to myself.’ Therefore, He is the only one who can change anyone. Our responsibility as a church is to get those people to Him and let Him do what only He can,” Aaron has said.

Aaron has contributed to several books and articles and also serves as a board member of the Orchard Group, a worldwide church-planting organization. He and his wife, Lindsay, have dedicated their lives to seeing people all over the world come to know, trust and follow Jesus. They have four great kids and a silver lab named Winston.

Ben Cachiaras

Lead Pastor, Mountain Christian Church

Ben Cachiaras Bio
Ben Cachiaras is from Minnesota, ministered in Tennessee, and has served since 1997 as Lead Pastor with Mountain Christian Church near Baltimore, Maryland. A graduate of Minnesota Bible College (renamed Crossroads College), he has studied at Bethel Theological Seminary and Fuller Theological Seminary, and graduated with the Master of Divinity degree from Emmanuel Christian Seminary where he is currently working on his Doctor of Ministry final project. Ben has served on Boards for Emmanuel Christian Seminary, Milligan College, and Standard Publishing as well as Contributing Editor with Christian Standard and is President of the North American Christian Convention. He is the co-founder of MOVE Northeast, a church planting network.
With its beginnings in 1824, the story of the Mountain Church is remarkable. The Northeast is a vital mission field with a high concentration of unchurched people, and God is using Mountain to make a regional and global impact. With a mission to make disciples who love God, love people, and serve the world, Mountain is known for its impact in the local community and as a multi-ethnic, multi-site church of over 6000 that gathers in four locations. One campus is also a community center with a focus on changing the trajectory of under-resourced children. Ben and his wife Karla have three awesome children, Nathan, Andrew, and Ellie. He has an irrational devotion to his Minnesota Vikings, bats around a lot of tennis balls, gets a kick out of skiing on water and snow, and remembers when he did more rock climbing. Most of all, he loves his family, has a passion for preaching and leadership, and wants to build Jesus-shaped communities that draw people to the love of God.