The Value of Data Webinar

The Value of Data

With essentially all ministries and operations of the Church happening online, now more than ever, the value of data should not be underestimated.  Join Barna’s Director of Published Research Savannah Kimberlin, Gloo’s Director of Global Partnerships Matt Smay, and Stadia’s President Greg Nettle as they dive into a conversation on how to gather and interpret data, making data-based decisions, and the trends they are seeing through the Barna/Gloo collaboration on the weekly pastor poll.  Join the data movement and share your voice now at

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Our Guests

Savannah Kimberlin and Matt Smay


Savannah Kimberlin Bio

Savannah is Barna’s Director of Published Research. She oversees the research and development of a wide array of published products and client-commissioned work, including Barna monographs and digital resources. Savannah loves facilitating Barna’s vision to provide the Church with knowledge to navigate a changing world.

As a certified data miner and predictive modeler, Savannah specializes in advanced analytics. Prior to her time at Barna, she worked in the big data and software development spaces.

She earned her B.S. in Mathematics from Samford University and her M.S. in Decision Analytics from the University of Alabama. Savannah currently lives in Atlanta, GA with her husband Josh.

Matt Smay Bio

Matt Smay is the Director of Strategic Partners for Gloo’s faith-based partner program. He has worked for 6 years at Gloo, leading sales and success teams serving strategic partners that are leveraging data-driven insights to increase engagement and further grow their people.

Prior to Gloo, Matt was a church planter and co-founder of an organization called Missio, a ministry committed to training, coaching, and consulting to help ministry leaders better engage culture. In addition, he was the founder of Missio Publishing, which continues to deliver high quality books and resources to church leaders and their congregations.

Matt is also an author of The Tangible Kingdom and The Gathered AND Scattered Church. In his spare time, he enjoys fly-fishing, golf, and mountain biking.

Matt resides with his wife and two daughters in Littleton, Colorado.