Trek Updates: Andrea

Stadia & Friends Everest Trek 2022

“It was a challenging day, but we made it! … Totally worth it, and I just want to say thanks to everyone who has been involved, and everyone who has been following. We have been able to make an impact together and I appreciate you!” ― Andrea Wells

Trekking For New Churches!

Andrea, alongside the Stadia & Friends Everest Base Camp Trek Team arrived on Saturday, May 21st to the southern base camp on Mount Everest! The team has been trekking since May 11th in pursuit of raising funds to start new churches that thrive, grow, and multiply for the next generation.

The Trek Down…

It’s actually been tough for me. Base camp day was hard, but the day after we did a shorter but higher climb to 18,000 feet. I got bad altitude sickness that day that has last several days – headache, nausea, fatigue. But I also somehow had a vertebrae in my neck move out of place (former physical therapist on our team could feel it and tell) so I’ve had really bad neck and back pain which fortunately, has gotten better each day since it flared up Saturday night/Sunday morning. A gracious Sherpa is carrying my pack each day so that it doesn’t make it worse. I’m feeling much better today.

On a lighter note, the views coming down have been amazing. It’s been clearer coming down than it was going up so we are seeing things we didn’t before. It’s magnificent! Like I’ve posted before, God is the master interior designer! 2 more days of hiking to go!

Please pray my neck and back heal and my nausea goes away. Thank you so much for the support! We’ve nearly hit $60,000 together!


“Crossing the finish line” from a trek of 100 miles in 16 days and up to 18,000 ft in elevation!

A Final Update & Thank You

Video and photo updates from Andrea along the trek!


The Suspension Bridge

15,500 ft Update

The Airport

Day 4 

A Reminder of Why We’re Climbing

Day 2

Taking The Next Step!

The Last Day: Starting with Sunshine!

Stadia helps you start new churches that thrive, grow, and multiply for the next generation!