Transition; a word that best describes my life right now.  I finished planning a wedding and got married (IT WAS AWESOME). I have moved into my husband’s, and now our, home; nesting, organizing, and decorating. I have started life as a wife and mother to 3 step, or what I call “bonus”, kids. You could say that the life “energy- units” I am now using every day have exponentially increased. This can feel heavy and hard at times but it has come with some incredibly rich and beautiful blessings. 

After living single for 15 years, I am deeply enjoying life with someone. Living life with Christopher is a beautiful, fun, messy, complex, rich, enjoyable, hilarious, fulfilling experience. As Ecclesiastes says,  “Two are better than one because they have a good return for their labor.”  Big things like making parenting, generosity, and future decisions together is helpful. Little things like having someone to help take out the trash, move heavy objects, and kill spiders is also a plus. Marriage is molding me to be more like Jesus as my selfishness and pride are challenged. Less free time, considering another’s desires, wants, and priorities, and making sacrifices in ways I didn’t when I was single, is hard. But, I am so grateful. God gifted me with an amazing man after his own heart and life is better with Christopher. 

Having 3 kids and becoming a bonus mom overnight will challenge every part of you very quickly. I’m laughing as I type this. These awesome kids are all very different from one another. Colton loves building online worlds in Minecraft. Mason knows everything about every vehicle you see on the road and builds and designs toy cars himself. We are helping Grace hone the energy, strength, and sass she has to prepare for when she rules the world one day. 

Navigating these transitions is helping me build new “muscle” mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and cognitively. I am growing in many ways and developing new passions, interests, and excitement for new adventures. Believe it or not, I find myself enjoying the challenge of keeping up with the laundry in a household of five. I like playing “crazy 8’s,” a card game Grace likes. I enjoy finding new traditions, experiences, and meaningful moments for our family. I relish being that special voice of encouragement and love in my new husband’s life. I am also experiencing a new passion for who I am called to disciple. 

I’ve always cared about children. Having been a children’s pastor for nine years and now working with Stadia, I highly value helping you to start thriving, growing, multiplying churches that reach the next generation. With three little humans I am now called to care for, love, parent, and disciple, my passion for every child to have a church that gives them access to Jesus’ hope runs to a new depth. What you and I do about this MATTERS. 

So, as I endeavor to trek 55 miles in temps down to -35 degrees to the Everest Base camp in order to raise funds for new churches, I will be working towards two goals. First, for next-generation who need the hope of Jesus that new Stadia churches deliver. And secondly, for my own kids, who I desire deeply to know and experience Jesus’ love and hope through His Church.

Thank you for hanging with me on this journey, especially in light of the uncontrollable delay because of Covid. All due diligence has been done assuring that a safe round trip and trek is fully anticipated. I have 44% of my needed $50,000 to raise by May, so your investment in my effort to deliver hope to children is so valuable. And, if you’ve already given and can share additional funds in this new year, thank you! Click the button below to express your support or you can contribute by mail (Stadia, PO Box 699, Uniontown, OH 44685 with Andrea Trek in the memo). 

Thank you for partnering and praying with me!

Andrea Wells