Thanks For Making This Summer Matter


Thrive with these Summer Activities!

Fly a DIY Kite
Paint with Frozen Paint Cubes
Paint (& Eat) Bread
Host Your Own Backyard Olympics
Play Balloon Tennis
Have a Water Balloon Toss
DIY Waterslide with a tarp and garden hose
Go on a Nature Scavenger Hunt
Have an Indoor Scavenger hunt
Color With Stadia


Grow with these Summer Activities!

Start a Garden or Plant a Few Seeds
Visit a Local Museum
Learn About a New Country and Find Recipes to Enjoy a Themed Meal
Write Your Own Devotional
Meet Someone New
Have an Outdoor Movie Night and Invite Your Neighbors
Treat the Person In Line Behind you to Ice Cream


Multiply Hope with these Summer Activities!

Volunteer Somewhere
Mail A Thank You Note to Someone Who Impacted You
Invite Someone to Church
Go on a Prayer Walk
Visit a Different Church Than Your Own
Bake a Treat for Someone