Being prepared makes all the difference, especially when it comes to church planting. Church planting residency through Stadia is invaluable, because it provides great leaders the experience, coaching, and training necessary to plant a thriving church.


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Did you know that Stadia has residency partner churches all around the US?

We’re especially looking for church planting residents in these locations:

Adventure Christian Church of North Natomas (Sacramento, CA)

Adventure Christian Church started under a tent on the lawn at Club Westlake on August 10, 2003. Over the years our church has grown from a gathering of a few faithful friends to a large community of people who call Adventure their home. God has richly blessed us with committed volunteers who freely give of their time, talent and treasure to serve those not only within our walls but in the world around us. Adventure creates community with the unengaged in a good hang, (GO and bring someone with you), in groups (BECOME who God intended you to be), and at worship experiences (ENGAGE with God and others). Additionally, Adventure’s mission is to bring Jesus’ hope to an imperfect world.

There are a total of 17 spoken languages in Sacramento, and our Natomas community is anticipating 25,000 additional California dream-chasers in our new neighborhoods and parks, emerging school districts, and commercial and retail centers. At Adventure Christian Church, we understand that the California dream is not the real California dream without Jesus’ hope. We see ourselves as partners of the real California dream and as hope bringers to those without Jesus’ hope.

The team at Adventure has a message for their future resident – watch it now and fill out the form to express interest in residency today!

Adventure’s Pastor to Young Adults and Student Ministry job residency is for a pastor who…

  • Cultivates leadership from his daily time with God and his daily time with his wife and family.
  • Creates a community of 20-25 adult and student leaders capable of fulfilling the mission to 100-150 young adults and students.
  • Communicates with excellence (oral and written)
  • Could be described as direct, a risk taker, a person of integrity, emotionally intelligent, and adventuresome.
  • Is culturally comfortable relating to the second most diverse community in the United States (Northern California).
  • Can visualize recruiting and hiring additional support and pastoral staff and clearly communicate that vision through steps and processes to reach the next generation.

Along with your resume, please provide a:

  • DISC Test Result
  • YouTube link to messages
  • Social Media Addresses
Crossroads Community Church (Valencia, CA)

Crossroads Community Church is a non-denominational, Elder-led, Bible-teaching church, in Valencia, California, whose mission is taken from Colossians 1:28, which we summarize by Know-Grow-Go. We aim to know Christ, grow to be like Christ, and go to serve Christ. Crossroads Community Church started as a small group Bible Study during the summer of 2006, and the first formal services were held in September of 2006 at a local high school.

Crossroads moved into an industrial park leased facility in 2008, continued to grow from an initial group of 25-35 to several hundred, and for the past several years has been looking for a larger permanent location. Although it has been problematic to find a building that would meet the needs of our growing church, God has provided our new permanent home in Valencia, CA, which was opened in January of 2018. By God’s grace, we now have a modern 1000-seat worship center and plenty of room for offices, children, youth and adults. God has blessed our church body with continued growth, and our total attendance in three Sunday morning services is now averaging approximately 2000.

Our Core Ministry Philosophy is:

  • Depth over Breadth
  • God-centered over seeker-centered
  • People over Programs
  • “The” Kingdom over “A” Kingdom
  • Expositional over Topical
  • Stand and Serve over Sit and Soak
  • Grace and Truth over Grace or Truth
  • Equipping over Entertaining
  • Whole Life Discipleship over Life Coaching

Valencia, CA is in Los Angeles County and is part of the City of Santa Clarita, which is located about 35 miles northwest of downtown Los Angeles.  Santa Clarita was incorporated in December 1987 as the union of four unincorporated communities- Canyon Country, Newhall, Saugus, and Valencia. The four communities retain separate identities, and it is common for residents to refer to a specific neighborhood when asked where they are from.  Santa Clarita is annually ranked as one of the top 100 places to live in the United States, as well as one of the safest. The population has roughly doubled over the last twenty years and is made up largely of modern suburban neighborhoods. It is estimated that 10% of Santa Clarita residents regularly attends church, although there are a number of strong Bible-teaching local churches in the area.

The Crossroads Residency Program
Crossroads desires to find a man who will plant an independent, elder-led, non-denominational, Bible-teaching local church within 3-5 years after planting, to be located within an approximate 150-mile radius of Valencia, CA. As a part of your residency, you will be exposed to some of the best church planting trainers and coaches in our nation. You will be taken through a strategic training curriculum that was developed specifically for church planters. You will also take part in interviews with church planters and church planting pastors to learn from their experience and wisdom. You will also take part in at least one church planting conference with other church planters, church planting organizations and potential church planting partners.

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Momentum Christian Church (Henry County, GA)

Planted on the south side of Atlanta in 2007, Momentum currently is a multi-site church with two locations. Momentum offers live teaching at both campuses. Momentum is FOCUSED on becoming more like Jesus and bringing glory to God.  Momentum wants people to experience TIGHT relationships and to be OUT THERE beyond its walls serving its community and the world.

Momentum is located in Henry County.  Split down the middle by I-75, Henry County is part of the southern crescent of Atlanta.  The county is growing and is the rural meeting the city. Momentum finds itself in a diverse, suburb community 20 minutes south of the Atlanta airport.

The Momentum Residency Program

The purpose of a Momentum residency is to prepare a person for senior leadership in a church plant. The residency will focus on Momentum as a whole, teaching the resident the inner-working of leading a church. Residency experience will include casting vision, understanding the community, leading staff, implementing systems, and much more. The residency will be very pragmatic offering high-level access to our organization.




  • @momentum_wr
  • @momentum_el
  • @momentumworship

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River City Church (Vancouver)

River City Church exists to encounter the Author of love and engage our community in that love. Why love? Because in the Bible, Jesus said, “People will know that you are my followers by your love.” So we choose to be defined by our love, because we want people to know that we are following Jesus – the REAL Jesus.

So how do we do this? Simple:

Through authentic community, life-changing experiences, and life on purpose!

Authentic community, because we believe that Jesus loves family and Jesus loves diversity! Life-changing experiences, because we believe that Jesus can change your life! Life on purpose, because Jesus wants us to live our lives on purpose – and ultimately, so do we! We are 28 months in to our church, and we recently surpassed 10,000 volunteer hours into our local community!

Urban Vancouver, WA. We are located (and do ministry) along the “International Business District.” There is a lot of diversity (large Hispanic population), a high homeless population. and several people in recovery. Our community is a needy one!

Residents will help with the ministry of River City Church (both mission & maintenance) while actively working towards planting another expression of the Church.

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Calvary Chapel (Poulsbo, WA)

Calvary Chapel Silverdale is a non-denominational church affiliated with the ministries of Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa,California. Located in the center of Kitsap County, our vision is to be used of God for the purpose of His glory and His plan for our community and beyond. We do this by intentionally and purposefully gathering corporately and in small groups to worship God, unconditionally love all people, and seek to live out and extend the Gospel of the Kingdom of God, through Jesus Christ.

We are located on the smaller peninsula West of Seattle. We are in a community that is largely employed by the Navy. We have three Naval installations on the peninsula: a shipyard, a submarine base, and an underwater naval weapons development facility. While many are civil service that work at these places, there is a high population of active duty sailors and service personnel that rotate in and out every 4 years. We are in a highly concentrated, politically conservative area due to the military, though most of the Puget Sound region tends to be more liberal in their political views. 80% of our populatio fit in the category of the “nones” (no religious affiliations). Less than 15% of our population have any confession of Christ. The majority of churches on the peninsula are between 50 and 200 people in weekly attendance.

A resident at CCS would be expected to:

  • Build comprehensive ministry plans for new church plant
  • Ministry Team Development (MTD) to support the new church plant and planter
  • Diligently complete ministry tasks, readings and other assignments outlined in the development and coaching plans, while meeting with residency coaches for accountability and feedback.
  • Lead a Sunday morning ministry area
  • Lead multiple ministry areas within the church that will help CCS grow, while also building relationships with potential core-team members
  • Participate as a member of the preaching team
  • Lead a Community Group (CG) that would eventually multiply
  • Create a key ministry within CCS from scratch and sustain this ministry by implementing plans and recruiting leaders
  • With an emphasis to plant contextualized gospel ministry, seeing the church come out of mission, the resident is required to spend 4-8hrs/week of the work week in the community where the future church plant is going to take place. Emphasis in this time will be the goal of building relationships in the community, discovering the needs of the community, sharing and representing a gospel witness, and cultivating relationships with churches currently working in the area.
  • Raise financial support for their residency and church planting.
  • Partner with Stadia and Calvary Chapel of Silverdale (along with other potential partners) to start a new church at the end of the residency.

Learn more about our residency program.

Discovery Christian Church (Davis, CA)

Discovery exists to help people discover the good news of Jesus. Our dream is to be a church that serves our city and blesses the world by multiplying disciples and planting churches.

Our model is simple. We invite people to journey with us in three environments: Gatherings, Groups, and Generosity. Each environment is formed by the values of Community, Joy, Creativity, Authenticity, and Multiplication.

We want to send out great leaders, teams, and disciples who form new communities and churches to further the mission of helping as many people as possible discover that Jesus is the best possible news for humanity.

Discovery sits in a very unique context. Davis is a small, college town in the middle of agricultural fields. And yet, at the same time, our University is a world changer, recently named the 9th best Public University in the country. Davis itself sits between Sacramento, the capital of California, and the San Francisco Bay Area the capital of the tech world. As a result, our influence is significant, out of proportion to the size of the population in many ways.

Davis is an awesome place to live. It offers great outdoor living, a walkable/bikeable lifestyle, a world class farmer’s market, and excellent schools. Davis is the epitome of a post-Christian city and provides a relatively safe environment to share the gospel with people who represent the direction our culture is heading.

The Discovery Residency Program

Discovery is praying for a leadership resident who is passionate about planting a church in a post-Christian community (specifically near a major university). Residents will be challenged to share their faith in new and creative ways, learn how to lead and multiply teams, and utilize their gifts in each of our environments (gatherings, groups, and generosity), through a customizable plan we create together.


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Real Life Church Ministries

Real Life Church is a multi-campus church in Southern California with campuses in Los Angeles County (Valencia, Canyon Country, Lancaster) and Ventura County (Simi Valley), as well as our global online campus. Our mission is simple: to help people find and follow Jesus! In the process of fulfilling our mission we strive to be a church that unchurched people love to attend. Our weekend service is designed in a way to help people connect with Jesus without assuming they know anything about God, Christianity or the Bible. This dictates what we say and how we say it. We strive to strip away any barriers that might get in the way of someone fully experiencing the Good News of the Gospel. In this we honor our guests and create a space that is welcoming and safe for everyone to discover practical steps in their own faith journey. Our hope is to assist people in their faith journey to become fully engaged. We do this by promoting regular attendance in a weekend service, becoming a generous giver, fostering growth in community, living out our faith in service and inviting others to join in the Great Commission.

Each community we serve has unique and similar characteristics. Valencia and Canyon Country are both growing neighborhoods that partially make up the city of Santa Clarita which is the 3rd largest city in Los Angeles County. The many walkways, bike paths, golf courses as well as a very popular theme park, Six Flags Magic Mountain, make this a popular destination for families to reside. Lancaster is in the Antelope Valley just north of Santa Clarita and is a growing, affordable and multiethnic community with lots of potential. Simi Valley is in Ventura Country and is also a great family location, closer to the coast and has been nationally recognized as one of the safest cities in America. All of these communities are favorite filming locations for movies and television shows and it is not uncommon for us to have well-known personalities and influencers in attendance at our weekend services. With large populations, a mix of socio-economic and racial demographics, these towns are full of great people who have very full schedules, lots of debt and in need of a real, relational, and relevant understanding of a God who deeply desires to restore them to wholeness and health.

At RLC, we have a God-sized vision to create more campuses around California and plant more churches to expand the Kingdom of God around the world. We are eager to launch 30 new campuses or church plants by 2030 and our Residency program is essential in us accomplishing this goal. The Residency experience is designed to equip, educate and empower young men and women to fully experience a church committed to reaching the hurting and the hopeless as well as those hungry for healthy discipleship. Our hope is for a Resident to either help plant a church or new campus, or serve on staff at one of our existing campuses in a high capacity leadership role. Each Resident will be matched with a staff supervisor as well as a ministry mentor who will navigate the Resident through a variety of leadership and spiritual development competencies. Residents who will be part of church plants will have the chance to meet with several other church planters in varying stages of their church lifespan. If you feel called into vocational ministry and are ready for an incredible opportunity to grow as a ministry leader while growing the Kingdom of God then start your Residency journey today!

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Thrive Church (Mt. Pleasant, MI)

Thrive Church began in 2013 with a vision to be a church that people who have given up on God or church will find irresistible, and its mission is to help people find and follow Jesus. Thrive is different than anything you’ve ever experienced before. Thrive values being simple, fun, and real. It’s passionate about Jesus and the message of the gospel – Thrive believes that message can change lives. Every week lives are being transformed, decisions to follow Jesus are being made, and relationships are being restored.

Thrive Church is located in Mount Pleasant, Michigan – home of Central Michigan University. In addition to the 27,000 students enrolled at Central Michigan University, Mount Pleasant is home to 26,000 community members. The Central Michigan area includes several surrounding towns, bringing a population reach of 130,000 people within a 30-mile radius of Thrive. The Central Michigan area is a proud college district, full of life and energy. You will also find a rich community life that will quickly make you feel at home.

The Thrive Residency Program

Ministry Residents at Thrive Church will have a variety of experiences and responsibilities, as determined by their gift mix and desire for future planting roles. Residents will shadow active church planting positions, learning the nuts and bolts of establishing and executing all aspects of ministry. Specific opportunities are available with a focus in the following areas: students, creative, worship, administrative, discipleship and/or leadership.


Interested in a Residency with Thrive? Start Here!

Cross and Crown Church (Seattle, WA)

Cross & Crown is a multisite church with campuses in the Seattle and Nashville regions. We are a church that is committed to the faithful preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ for the goal of creating devoted followers of Jesus.

Residencies will be hosted in our University District Campus in Seattle, located just blocks from the University of Washington Campus and in the heart of the city which is experiencing tremendous change and growth. Our community is faced with many of the challenges that you might expect with a fast-paced, quickly changing urban environment: lots of development, jobs and opportunity alongside homelessness and rampant substance abuse and mental health issues. And yet, we have a committed core of members (students, young professionals, young families) that are faithfully following Jesus and seeking to saturate Seattle with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. If you are looking for urban ministry opportunities, this is it!

The Resident will be responsible for the following:

  • Participate and lead various functions from the front in our Sunday Services (including the of leading communion, announcements and potentially preaching on occasion)
  • Start a Community Group (small group) and develop leaders for multiplication, multiplying at least once during the residency
  • Participate in the Seattle Leadership Institute learning cohort (
  • Read the full residency description here

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More Resources

Front Range Christian Church (Castle Rock, CO)

Front Range Christian Church is a fast-growing church plant in the suburbs of Denver, CO. Our mission is to help people become intentional neighbors through knowing and following Jesus and we do that through a very active presence in our community.

Castle Rock is a family-focused suburb conveniently located right in between Denver and Colorado Springs. 90% of the residents of Castle Rock and the surrounding area do not have a relationship with Christ which makes this very fertile ground for church plants.

The Front Range Residency Program
The Front Range Residency Program is designed to give leaders an opportunity to gain invaluable wisdom, skills, character and experience that is essential for full-time vocational ministry. In this residency, you will be given the experience, training, coaching and one on one development that will prepare you to plant a church. You will be in a church that was started 4 years ago by the lead pastor. You will gain insights and wisdom that comes from first-hand knowledge. You will also have access to many of the original plant team and learn from their experience.

As a part of your residency, you will be exposed to some of the best church planting trainers and coaches in our nation. You will be taken through a strategic training curriculum that was developed specifically for church planters. You will also take part in interviews with church planters and church planting pastors to learn from their experience and wisdom. You will also take part in at least one church planting conference with other church planters, church planting organizations and potential church planting partners.

Interested in a Residency with Front Range? Start Here!

Rise City Church (Lakeside, CA)

Rise City Church LogoRise City Church is located in Lakeside, CA. Rise City launched in October 2013 and has grown very quickly in her first years. In the first three years, there have been over 135 people baptized and an attendance of over 600 people. Most recently, Rise City Church obtained a paid-off facility through a merger.

The vision of Rise City Church is to be a loving and life-giving church who brings hope and healing in Jesus’ name. Our mission is to call people to wake up to Jesus, rise to life in Him, and shine to others for him. There are four core values that pave our way forward. They include being Gospel-Centered (grace over good), Journey-Minded (incremental over instant), Community-Focused (investment over isolation), and Action-Oriented (give over get).

Lakeside is an eastern suburb of San Diego, CA located about 25 minutes from downtown. Lakeside is more rural in nature and a blue-collar community. Lakeside joins El Cajon, La Mesa, Alpine and Santee to make up East County San Diego. East County is considered the lower income part of San Diego. That being said –the medium income of Lakeside still is around $65,000/year because the cost of living throughout San Diego County is higher than most of the nation. A majority of families are two income families to make ends meet.

The Rise City Residency Program

The church plant resident will serve as a staff member at Rise City Church. Roles will include rotating throughout various ministries (Pastoral, Children’s, Creative and Outreach) in order to get a well-rounded view of ministry in a growing church environment. The resident will participate in creative service planning, preaching, small group trainings, counseling, as well as other ministry functions that arise week-to-week.

Interested in a Residency with Rise City? Start Here!

Venture Church (Hartland, MI)

Venture Church is a non-denominational, staff-led, elder-protected, Christ-focused church. Venture’s mission is to turn the largest number of non-churched, seeking people into fully devoted followers of Christ. The church offers two Sunday morning experiences and averages approximately 1,100 in attendance.

Hartland is in Livingston County, one of the fastest growing counties in Michigan. It is a bedroom community to metropolitan Detroit, located about 35 miles northwest of the city. Hartland is surrounded by the additional bedroom communities of Brighton, Howell, Fenton and Highland from which to reach and draw to the church. The Hartland school district ranks in the top 6% within Michigan and is a major draw for young families, evidenced by the current building boom of modern suburban neighborhoods. It is estimated that between 10-20% of Livingston County residents regularly attend church. This provides a great opportunity to reach, grow and accomplish Venture’s Mission.

Venture Residency Program

Venture desires to find a called leader with the gifting of a Lead Pastor who will plant a Venture Campus within 2 years to be located outside a 30-minute radius of Hartland MI.

As a part of your residency, you will be exposed to some of the best church planting trainers and coaches in our nation. You will be taken through a strategic training curriculum that was developed specifically for church planters. You will also take part in interviews with church planters and church planting pastors to learn from their experience and wisdom. You will take part in at least one church planting conference with other church planters, church planting organizations and potential church planting partners.

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