You’ve been called to plant a church – and we’ve been called to help.

We know that church planting is the best way to reach people with the hope of the Gospel. In an effort to help your calling to plant a church, we offer our suite of services at no cost to you. That way, you can focus on what you’ve been called to do – teaching people about the hope of Jesus – and let us help by providing you the services we’ve honed in pursuit of what we’ve been called to do – plant churches that intentionally and strategically care for children.

Planter Support Services

Discovery Center

Starting a church is one of the most fulfilling and also one of the most difficult things you will ever do. But did you know that 66% of new churches don’t make it to full self-sufficiency within 4 years? Often, this is because the new church leader is:

  • not truly called to start a church
  • not yet ready to start a church
  • lacks the skills needed to successfully start a church

While starting a new church is popular, the reality is, ministry is VERY demanding. However, with prayer, wise counsel, and some reflection, you can understand who God created you to be, what God created you to be doing, and what your current assignment is. Stadia’s Discovery Center can help you discern your own calling, readiness, and competency to be successful as the leader of a new church!

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Project Management

Stadia provides you with an expert church planting project manager, who manages timelines and details so you can focus on people and start strong.  Your project manager will help you with all the details of planting including completing your legal paperwork, running demographics and setting up financial systems.  This allows you to focus on building your team and investing in people rather than getting sidetracked by details.

Fundraising Intensive

Stadia helps with the unique challenge of planter fundraising by providing a fundraising intensive to teach the knowledge and skills necessary to get your church plant get off the ground on a strong financial footing. The Fundraising Intensive provides you with specialized coaching, training, and cohorts to advance you in funding your vision.


When you are on the ground, in the middle of church planting, the challenges come fast and furious. That is why Stadia partners with local churches to provide a residency experience that will get you ready to plant. Residency is a long-term opportunity to learn the ins and outs of church planting firsthand while joining a seasoned planter in a shared mission.

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Network Collaboration

Stadia brings world-changing churches and generous individuals together to create powerful, reproducing partnerships that draw on each partner’s relational connections, financial resources and visionary expertise.

Bloom: Church Planting Women

Stadia wants to help women be thriving church planters, so we offer Bloom. 

Bloom exists to help women maximize their roles in starting churches. So if you’re a woman interested in church planting, then the Bloom community is for YOU! With online learning opportunities, a yearly retreat, and a biweekly podcast, you will be equipped to handle the joys and challenges of church planting and build relationships with other women in similar seasons of ministry. 

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Management Team

Stadia provides training equipping you to build and train your management team. One day, the leaders you have developed in the new church will be ready step into leadership on that team and will be commissioned to oversee the new church through biblical leadership.

Planter Training

Stadia wants to prepare you to start, grow, and multiply a new church, so we offer a sixteen-week cohort-based training program. The intensive begins with an on-site retreat to help build community with other planters in the same phase as you, and continues with online tools and virtual training to help you hone your skills on your schedule.


Church planting doesn’t stop after launch – in fact, that’s when it truly starts! For this reason, Stadia provides coaching after the launch of your church for the first two years of your church’s life. Coaching is personal and strategic, focused on the totally unique challenges, needs, and successes of each individual planter. The relationships built between planters and coaches last forever, allowing Stadia to continue to celebrate with you the many successes that God will bring to your plant!

Post-Launch Support

After your new church has launched, Stadia provides you with a community of fellow church planting leaders so you can collaborate with and challenge each other for long-term impact.