Start a New Church

We want to help you start a new church that thrives, grows, and multiplies for the next generation!

Relationships You Can Trust

Resources That Work

People Who Have Been There

People need Jesus.


And you’ve been called to reach people. New churches are the most effective way for people to experience Jesus, but starting something new can be challenging… You want to make sure that your efforts result in a new church that doesn’t just exist, but a church that thrives, grows, and multiplies.

So how do you get started?

With us! We’re committed to helping start all kinds of new churches. We’ll connect you with the resources and relationships needed to not only start a new church, but to build a healthy community that multiplies.

Start a church with your friends

500 new churches

Started in the US with Stadia’s support since 2003, with 100 of those churches in the past year alone

Multimodal Experience

Staff and network connections to help start many different kinds of churches in many different contexts


Discernment & Affirmation

17+ years of experience assessing and affirming planters in their call to start new churches

Start a thriving church today

The right relationships and resources make all the difference in helping people experience the hope of Jesus. And getting started is simple.


1. Register For Stadia's Discovery Center

2. Access the Relationships and Resources You Need to Thrive

3. Reach the People You're Called to Reach!

Don’t Just Survive…


Show individuals and communities the fullness of life that can be found in Jesus.


Help people grow nearer to Jesus, and help communities grow towards greater health


Multiply so that everyone, everywhere, can have access to the life-changing hope of Jesus