Stadia’s Next Chapter

Jan 2, 2019

We’re changing how we do things in 2019. Beginning today, Stadia will provide its world-class US Church Planting Services to church planters and church planting organizations with open handed generosity and no strings attached.

Why? According to the Pinetops Foundation’s report, The Great Opportunity, there is urgent need for radical increases in the number of churches being planted in the United States, from today’s normal of 4,000 per year to at least more than double that number. Stadia has a passionate desire for every child on the planet to experience the Good News of Jesus Christ through a local church. It is that commitment to “every” that has convicted us to change our model.

Beginning immediately, we are giving away our vital, proven church planting services at no cost and with no strings attached – which means there will be no requirement of ongoing investment back to Stadia. We are confident this shift will open up opportunities for partnering with church planting organizations and with even more high capacity leaders, expediting church planting across the United States.

As Stadia has partnered to plant over 250 US churches, we have developed a suite of unique and highly effective church planter services, including church planter discovery, development and assessment, project management, coaching, bookkeeping, training, fundraising intensives, residencies, and post-launch support. When these services are provided, the resulting church plants thrive in ways that differentiate them from other church plants:

  • 90% of Stadia’s US plants are still engaged in their vision at year five, as opposed to the national average of 60% at year 3
  • Stadia’s US church plants average 67% higher attendance at year four than the national average

This confirms that when Stadia enters into partnerships, the resulting church plants have a greater potential to thrive and multiply. By removing the requirement for investment back to Stadia, we are confident that more thriving and multiplying churches will be planted, and that collaboration among church planting groups will become a normal expectation.

We are committed to creating a world where every child has a church, and we’re so excited about turning the page to begin our next chapter.