Stadia Church Planting

2022 Annual Report

If you’ve been a part of church planting for any length of time, you’ve probably been asked the infamous question, “Why do we need new churches? Aren’t there enough of them already?”

If you’ve been faced with this question on your journey, you aren’t alone! The same is true for our team at Stadia. And while the specifics of the answer may change, the substance is always the same: We need new churches so the next generation can experience the life-changing hope of Jesus.

The content you’ll read in the following report is a testament, not to Stadia’s good work, but to the commitment and dedication of every partner, organization, and church that works every day to ensure that more and more people have a church home – whether it be in the physical space, the digital space, or both!

Stadia’s mission is to help you start thriving, growing, multiplying churches for the next generation.

We’re committed to pursuing this mission until every child on the planet has a church to call home.

We pursue thriving, growth, and multiplication through our core values of:






God has called church planters and pastors to something BIG.

But too often, limited resources or a lack of trusted relationships can make it hard for planters and pastors to ensure their churches don’t just survive, but thrive, grow, and multiply. As church leaders ourselves, we’ve been there. With a 90% success rate in new churches and thousands of leaders served through our church growth services, we are committed to providing leaders the relationships and resources they need to help their churches THRIVE.

In 2021, you helped start:

In 2021, your support:

Stories of Hope


Church on the Block

“Church on the Block exists to help people connect with God in their specific communities, neighborhoods, and streets. We believe life happens best in the neighborhood and seek to equip disciples of Jesus to lead localized expressions of the church where life is already happening.” (Austin Abney)

New Continents, New Believers

Soon after launching digitally, more than 800 people indicated the desire to join a group. These new groups have now been formed on 4 continents and in more than 40 countries. Soon after starting, there were spontaneous requests for baptism in Morocco, Tunisia, and France.

Digital Ministry Leading to Discipleship

“You don’t have to have it all figured out from the get go. Take that first step and follow God’s leading. He will direct the next one.” (Christopher Monroe)

Next Steps

God’s Favor is On The Work of Church Planting

In the past eighteen years, Stadia has had the honor to see over 1700 new churches started all around the world. From helping leaders start dozens of churches a year to helping leaders start hundreds, we know that God’s favor is on the work of church planting.

But we see the way the landscape is changing, and we know that doing things the same old way won’t ever help us achieve our vision of every child on the planet having a church to call home…