Stadia Workshops at Exponential SoCal

Sep 20, 2018

Do you want some practical advice on how your church plant can reach the next generation? This year, at Exponential Southern California we’re hosting a series of Equipping Labs entitled “Leading the Next Generation.” These labs are free when you register for the conference! The track will include five labs, and you will walk away with practical tools for leading and reaching the next generation. Below are the descriptions for each lab.

Reaching the Next Generation with Church Planting

Clint & Michael Dupin The challenges of leading the next generation to faith in Jesus are a significant church planting opportunity. Hear statistics and stories about the challenges of generational shifts and how church plants are uniquely equipped to address them. Hear stories from recent church plants and gain practical steps in leading the next generation to faith in Jesus. Whether you are a future church planter yourself, a leader of a church committed to supporting church planting, or wondering how you can help lead the next generation to faith in Jesus, this workshop will be informative and challenging for you.


Success Factors for Next Generation Leaders in Church Planting

Bob CarltonEmily Diaz Second to the favor of God, the most important success factor for a church leading the next generation to faith in Jesus is the leader. In light of the challenges and opportunities of generational shifts, Stadia has identified 10 Success Factors for future church plant leaders. This workshop will introduce those factors and also provide a guide for quickly identifying potential leaders. Come to this workshop to find out how to identify and encourage potential church planters and/or to develop as a church planter through focused growth.


10 Questions Next Generation Church Planters Should be Asking led

Craig WhitneyBrandon Grant Are you thinking about planting a church? Do you know someone who is (or should be) thinking about planting a church? There are some questions future church planters should be asking when thinking about how to reach the next generation with the Good News. The goal of this workshop is to provide a deeper understanding of the current issues and realities in church planting. Hear stories from church planters and discover how asking these 10 questions have been and continue to be vital when considering planting a church.


Give it a Year: Mobilizing the Next Generation

Susie Gamez Next generation leaders are critical for the success and sustainability of any new church plant. Also, the spiritual health and vitality of young people is buoyed by participation in a new church plant. There is an opportunity to engage young leaders in your church plant by creating what Stadia calls a “Give it a Year” program. Hear why and how to inspire next generation leaders to give a year of their life to church planting and gain practical insight on how to create and take opportunities to engage those leaders in church planting.


Teams in Next Generation Church Planting  

Jeff Snodgrass The multiplication of new churches will be fueled by healthy teams. Come learn about how the generational shifts have impacted the view of teamwork and how teamwork is an excellent Biblical model for ministry. Hear why teamwork is the best strategy for rapidly multiplying new churches and gain insights for building healthy teams.

After the labs are over on Tuesday, October 2, join us for a Quality Hang at  Yard House in Irvine. We’d love to get to know you more. We’ll be buying some appetizers, and Yard House will have their full menu available for you to buy anything else you want!

If you have any questions about the labs or our Quality Hang at Yard House, reach out to Matt Murphy ([email protected]), our Marketing and Strategic Services Executive.

Who’s next?

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