Discovery Center

A three-step process designed to help new church leaders explore, discern, and discover their calling, readiness, and competency to start a new church.

God Is Preparing You For Something.

Starting a church is one of the most fulfilling – and difficult! – things you will ever do. But did you know that 66% of new churches don’t make it to full self-sufficiency within 4 years? Often, this is because the new church leader is:

  • not truly called to start a church
  • not yet ready to start a church
  • lacks the skills needed to successfully start a church

Though the stats are daunting, with prayer, wise counsel, and some reflection, you can understand who God created you to be, what God created you to be doing, and what your current assignment is.

Stadia’s Discovery Center can help you discern your own calling, readiness, and competency to be successful as the leader of a new church!

The Three-Step Process


Am I Called to Start a Church?

  • Self-directed
  • Clarity on Calling
  • Baseline Information on Your Wiring
  • Calling Alignment 


Am I and My Family Ready to Start a Church?

  • Group Guided
  • Psychological Insight
  • Exercises/Activities
  • An Eye Toward Holistic Health


What is My Skill Set? What is My Next Step?

  • Alongside a Supportive Community
  • Discover Your Skills
  • Align Competency with Calling

Important Notes About Stadia’s Discovery Center



Progression is Not Automatic

Candidates must complete each phase and have an interview with a Discovery Center team member before consideration will be given to having the candidate participate in the next phase.


Married Couples Participate Together

We believe married couples are jointly called to start a new church. For this reason, if you are married, your spouse must participate with you in all three phases of the Discovery Center. 


Upcoming Discovery Events


Participation on specific dates is not guaranteed and is dependent on completion of both the Exploration and Discernment Phases of the Discovery Center Process. Upon completion of both phases, you will be prompted to choose which upcoming Discovery Event works best for your timeline. Dates listed below are for informational purposes only and are subject to change.

November 1-3, 2022 (FULL)

2023 Event Dates & Locations Coming Soon!

Stadia’s vision is that “every child has a church.” We believe this requires all kinds of church leaders and all types of churches. For every child to have a church, it is vitally important that we have a diverse pool of candidates and actively champion the increased representation of persons of color, women and other underrepresented groups in our training pipeline. We are open to learning and invite your feedback on this process to ensure we truly accomplish our vision.