Hire well.

Church Staffing Assessment (CSA) will guide local church leaders to make the best possible hiring decisions in regard to pastoral staff. Through our unique multi-lensed approach, the assessment process:

  • Helps local churches make competent decisions about future staff hires and save thousands of dollars.
  • Evaluates strengths, giftings, experience and current season of life to identify church leadership strengths and opportunities for growth. Applicable for new hires or existing staff re-assignment.
  • Provides potential marketplace-to-ministry candidates, internal promotions, and outside recruits with a personalized development plan that sets them up to find success in a new role. Churches making decisions to hire are equipped with strong evidence of behaviorally based expectations

Who Should Churches Send to CSA?

Candidates for Senior Pastor roles
Executive level staff
Various Associate positions
Worship leaders
Senior Pastor succession candidates
Other pastoral staff
Student Ministry candidates
Campus pastors

“Replacing an employee costs as much as one-half to about two times that person’s annual salary, and recruitment is tough.”

Adam Hickman and Jeremy Pietrocini

Authors, How To Help Your Managers Build Out, Not Burn Out

Church Staffing Assessment is a powerful tool for assessing and identifying new staff for our church. We have found CSA such a powerful tool that we won’t hire a full time staff person without the CSA experience. It is not just effective at assessment, it also helps identify and put in place personal development opportunities. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Troy McMahon

Restore Church, Kansas City, MO

2019 Events + Registration

Registration Fees

Candidate registration fees cover assessments, meals, and onsite programming.

  • $2,500 per candidate (cost includes spouse, if applicable)


A few things to keep in mind
  • If you are married, your spouse must attend assessment with you.
  • $500 of your registration fee is considered a non-refundable deposit and may not be transferred to another assessment date.
  • Cancellations made less than two weeks out will not be refunded.
  • Organizations that are sponsoring candidates in the assessment process are expected to send at least one “observer” who will act in the capacity of an assessor during the center. If an organization chooses not to supply one or more observers (must be approved in advance) then the organization will need to pay an additional assessment fee of $400.
  • Housing and travel costs are not included in the price of registration.