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Our team of church bookkeepers take care of your finances so you can focus on your mission.

You Need To Get Your Books Off Your Plate.

But not every bookkeeper has experience with church finances.


Keeping books for a church can cause a headache. It’s important to make sure your books are well-handled, but time you and your staff are spending on updating spreadsheets could be better spent on serving your people. You didn’t become a pastor to get bogged down in these kinds of details – but you also need to feel confident that your books are being taken care of.

That’s Where Stadia Bookkeeping Comes In.

We understand you need to feel confident in your books without frittering away your time. That’s why our church bookkeeping team…

Are Invested In Local Churches

Our bookkeepers all have personal experience leading and volunteering in the local church


Focus Entirely on Church Bookkeeping

Church bookkeeping is what we do – and all that we do – so we know how to take care of your books


Are All Quickbooks Certified

Each Stadia bookkeeper takes the time to become Quickbooks certified to ensure you are getting expert services from day one

Church Bookkeepers Can Help You…


Get Out Of The Weeds

Hiring a church bookkeeper helps you get free of the weeds and back to the work that you were called to.

Save Yourself A Headache

Investing in a church bookkeeper sets your church up for long-term success, and saves you the headache of bookkeeping mistakes!

Make an Impact

Hiring a bookkeeper frees your staff to make the impact they long to make, without sacrificing the importance of well-kept books.

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A Bookkeeper You Can Trust

Listen as Josh Abernathy, lead pastor of City Church in Griffin, GA, talks about the value of having a church bookkeeper he can trust!