Taking Leaders to the Next Level.

Long recognized as one of the top assessment centers in the country, Stadia’s Church Planting Assessment  has served over 1,000 prospective church planting leaders to determine how they can best be used in starting new churches and campuses. We serve both church leaders considering prospective planters and campus pastors, as well as those who are personally considering church planting.

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Stadia’s Church Planting Assessment is provided at no charge to potential church planters and church planting residents.

A few things to keep in mind

  • If you are married, your spouse must attend assessment with you.
  • You must complete all Stadia’s planter Discovery before your registration will be confirmed. You can start now.
  • You should begin Discovery approximately 6 weeks before the assessment you want to attend (choosing an assessment date from the list will bring you to our initial inquiry form – fill out this form to begin the discovery process!)
  • Candidates in the assessment process are expected to bring at least one “observer” who will act in the capacity of an assessor.
  • Potential planters and observers cover the cost of travel, room and any meals that are not provided during the event.

Information for Church Planters and Sending Organizations

For Potential Church Planters

Through our unique multi-lensed approach, Stadia’s Assessment Team:

  • Evaluates strengths, giftings, experiences, and current season of life to identify church planting strengths and opportunities for growth.
  • Provides the potential planters, campus pastors, and team members with a personalized development plan that sets them up to find success in the role God has called them.


Why Stadia’s Church Planting Assessment?

  • Experienced assessors with proven church planting expertise.
  • Pre-assessment process AND 4-day onsite event.
  • Multi-lensed and 360 approach.
  • Locations throughout the year and across the U.S.
  • Thorough (depth and breadth) process.

For Sending Organizations

Sponsoring organizations and networks are expected to send an official “observer” to attend Assessment with the candidate(s). Observers offer background to the context the church planter is being assessed for, function as a part of the assessment team and provide a first-hand report back to the network or sponsoring organization on the experience.

Observers will participate in an online orientation meeting prior to attending Church Planting Assessment and have access to pre-assessment results and documents. They are encouraged to review the materials prior to arrival at assessment. It is the responsibility of the sponsoring organization to cover the cost of the observer’s travel, lodging and meals.