SDCPM – San Diego Church Plant Movement

Feb 8, 2019

Have you heard about the San Diego Church Plant Movement?

The vision of the SDCPM is to change the spiritual landscape of San Diego County through local churches working together to plant healthy, reproducing churches. Since its inception in 2013, they have partnered with church planters to plant seven new churches in San Diego County. They pursue this vision through movement, networks, and partners.


  • Movement
    • The unified, collaborative effort and commitment of an ever-growing number of established churches to plant new churches throughout San Diego County. It’s the common mission for spiritual renewal of all people in San Diego that brings them together. This movement is grounded by four values: relationships, reproducing, resources, and residency.
  • Networks
    • Specific Church Plant Network: A grouping of 3 to 8 local churches working together to plant a single new church. This strategic network provides varying combinations of resources to help a new church plant
    • Regional Relational Network: A gathering of pastors and leaders from churches in a specific area (North, South, East and Central San Diego) to encourage and foster church multiplication.
  •  Partners
    • A local church that commits to SDCPM’s vision by investing $5,000 annually. Every dollar invested stays in San Diego for the benefit of a new church plant.