Residency: Front Range Christian Church (Castle Rock, CO)

Apr 2, 2019

Front Range Christian Church is a fast-growing church plant in the suburbs of Denver, CO. Our mission is to help people become intentional neighbors through knowing and following Jesus and we do that through a very active presence in our community.

Castle Rock is a family-focused suburb conveniently located right in between Denver and Colorado Springs. 90% of the residents of Castle Rock and the surrounding area do not have a relationship with Christ which makes this very fertile ground for church plants.

The Front Range Residency Program
The Front Range Residency Program is designed to give leaders an opportunity to gain invaluable wisdom, skills, character and experience that is essential for full-time vocational ministry. In this residency, you will be given the experience, training, coaching and one on one development that will prepare you to plant a church. You will be in a church that was started 4 years ago by the lead pastor. You will gain insights and wisdom that comes from first-hand knowledge. You will also have access to many of the original plant team and learn from their experience.

As a part of your residency, you will be exposed to some of the best church planting trainers and coaches in our nation. You will be taken through a strategic training curriculum that was developed specifically for church planters. You will also take part in interviews with church planters and church planting pastors to learn from their experience and wisdom. You will also take part in at least one church planting conference with other church planters, church planting organizations and potential church planting partners.