Thank You For Praying With Us!

Current Requests

Current Prayer Requests

We believe that God’s power is unleashed through the prayers of his people so what you do as you pray matters deeply, thank you.

This month is Go The Extra Mile time for Stadia. Our entire staff team along with multiple churches across the US will participate in Going The Extra Mile because Jesus said if someone asks you to go one mile, go the extra mile. Our team engages sponsors to support them as they walk, kayak, bicycle, or run multiple miles. Hundreds of thousands of dollars are raised on this single weekend as our team Goes the extra Mile! Thank you for those of you who invest in support of new churches through Go The Extra Mile.

So this month, please join me in praying for the Stadia team and all of the churches Going the Extra Mile for church planting. Please pray that those participating will be safe and that people would be generous with their investments and sponsorships so that hundreds of thousands of dollars can be released to expand God’s kingdom and bring the good news of Jesus everywhere.

We won’t stop praying until every child has a church.


Previous Requests

August 2023

It’s hard to believe that summer is already coming to a close. But, as summer comes to a close, what starts up again is all of our young people going back to school. This month please join me in praying for students involved in church plants throughout the united states and around the world; That God would keep them safe and that they would be involved in the youth ministries and programs of their local new churches. Please also join me in praying for those who are leading the ministries for teens and children in new churches around the world.

Let’s focus our prayers on the kids and the ministry leaders in new churches. That God would keep them safe, bless them, and hold them close in the arms of Jesus. May God use them to reach their friends and help build Christ’s community in their schools as well.

Friends, thank you for praying. We won’t stop praying until every child has a church!


July 2023

I am so grateful for your prayers! We know that the power of God is unleashed through the prayers of his people.

July is World Population Month. Crazily enough, the world population recently surpassed 8 billion people!

This month we are praying for every child to have a church. God wants everyone everywhere to come into a saving relationship with his son Jesus. Please join us in praying that Stadia will be able to help make that happen through starting new churches around the world and that we will see the day that every child has a church.

We won’t stop praying until every child has a church!

June 2023

Thank you for being committed to unleashing God’s power through your prayers! On behalf of church planters and children around the world, I am so grateful for what you do!

In the month of June, we want to focus on Kingdom Diversity. Stadia is committed to helping launch new churches throughout the United States and around the world that reflect God’s kingdom as portrayed in the book of Revelation – where there will be people gathered from every tribe, tongue, and nation worshiping our Father. Please join me in praying that Stadia becomes more effective at working with church planters and reaching people from every ethnic group and socioeconomic class around the world.

We won’t stop praying, until every child has a church!