Stadia began 15 years ago with a vision of a city – a heavenly city 12,000 stadia long and filled with people from every nation praising God (Revelation 21:16). Throughout 2018 we’ll celebrate what God has done so far through 15 years of church planting, while anticipating even greater things ahead. "15 ” will catapult us to the next level of church planting so that we’re regularly planting over 150 new churches annually, every one of them intentionally caring for children. This is an aggressive goal, one we know can’t be accomplished out of our own efforts. So the first and truly most important step is to mobilize 15,000 partners who will pray regularly for God’s power to be unleashed in unprecedented ways through church planting. Please become a Stadia Prayer Partner by filling out the form below. Then watch for monthly e-mails with specific prayer needs. We believe your prayers are vital. Together, we won’t stop until Every Child Has a Church!