Collaborative settings with planting experts to learn essential principles and practices.

Stadia Pre-Launch Planter Training

Well-equipped planters start more effective churches. That’s why Stadia’s Planter Development process is:

  • Outcome-Driven – so planters can do more, not just know more.
  • Planter-Centered – because the easiest way to teach isn’t always the best way to learn.

Based on Stadia’s breadth of experience in a wide variety of contexts, Stadia integrates new planter training alongside our other services to set planters up for the biggest “win.” We’ve identified the most critical factors for success and structured these into a comprehensive development plan that features:

“We walked away from training amazed at how God spoke directly to our pre-launch season through every training session. Stadia’s wisdom in setting family and marriage boundaries is gold to us.”

Travis Roberts

The District Church (Wichita KS/2017)

Stadia's Church Planting Training Platform
Stadia’s Church Planting training platform, My Stadia, is a website and app that delivers Stadia’s training content as well as providing a collaborative environment for church planters to connect with Stadia staff and each other. My Stadia aids with the development of the knowledge, habits and skills that are needed for church planting.
Exponential Conference

Throughout your church planting journey, Stadia will leverage the Exponential Conference to provide pre-conference training specifically for Stadia planters. In addition, Stadia also utilizes this high impact event to connect the church planter with the Stadia team, other church planters and to receive essential training for a healthy start.


Live webinars provide practical insights and helpful tools from both experienced church planters and leading voices in the church planting world.
Planters meet weekly with a group of other planters and a coach for learning, encouragement and accountability. A recent study on church planting found that the church planter who meets with a group of church planting peers at least monthly increases the odds of survivability by 135 percent.