A personal expert consultant, managing timelines and details so you can focus on people.

Stadia Project Management

Every planter wants to see God’s vision for their new church become a reality. The Stadia project management team comes alongside the church planter and works to develop a project task list to take the new church from where it is today to that desired result.

Each church plant typically has a few hundred tasks that must be accomplished in order to reach the vision. It requires attention to detail. Entrepreneurial visionaries, which most church planters are, do not excel at the details. Stadia provides help.

Every Stadia church gets a trained and experienced project manager to serve the planter administratively and to accomplish many of the tasks. This frees the planter to build teams and rally people around vision, not government paperwork and databases.

Church leaders can be confident that skilled and experienced project managers will merge best practices with your vision to design and implement a thorough and effective plan.

“Stadia coaches, project managers, and staff provide vital support for church planters. They have a wealth of experience in what it takes to launch healthy churches and provide critical assistance when it is needed most.”

Brian McKee

City of Light Church, Milwaukee, WI/2016

Five Reasons We Are Thankful

Somehow, we’re already coming to the end of 2018! Like many others this time of year, we’re reminiscing on our blessings, and Stadia has a lot to be thankful for this year! 107 churches, 787 baptisms, over 9,000 children sponsored – and the year’s not even done!...

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Finding Hope in Milwaukee And Queens

What’s the link between a church in metropolitan Milwaukee and a church in Queens, New York? Let’s start in Milwaukee. The vision and the heartbeat of the Ridge is to create churches that engage unchurched people. We exist to be a place for people who have been turned...

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Called to More

Have you ever felt like you were made for more than what you’re experiencing? That you should be doing more than you’re doing, or thriving more than you’re thriving?Exponential 2019, the world’s largest gathering of church planters, wants to help you learn how to...

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Finding Hope in Scranton

NBC’s “The Office” put Scranton back on the map. Now everyone knows our city and its landscape. At one time, Scranton was a booming city both diverse and divided. It was built around industries that died decades ago, leaving many residents without reliable jobs....

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Finding Hope in Chicago, the Place I Call Home

From an outsider’s view, Edgewater, Uptown, and Rogers Park could all be described as “under-resourced neighborhoods” in Chicago. After living in the middle of these three communities for the past seven years, however, that description is a far cry from the place I...

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Cyber Liability: Is Your Organization Protected?

It seems weekly we hear about more and more organizations having their sensitive data compromised from outside hackers.  Other times, the data breach takes place from an inside source within the organization. Funds Transfer Fraud and Social Engineering Fraud are both...

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