Stadia has the most comprehensive support around for preparing leaders to plant great churches.

And now, we’re offering that support with openhanded generosity! We provide our vital, proven church planting services at no cost and with no strings attached. We are confident this shift will open up opportunities for partnering with church planting organizations and with even more high capacity leaders, expediting church planting across the United States.

Here’s how we help you plant a thriving church:

Church Planting Assessment

Stadia’s Church Planting Assessment Center (CPAC) is a thorough evaluation process where potential planters and residents determine their aptitude, readiness, and calling. CPAC has assessed over 1,000 prospective church planting leaders to determine how they can best be used in starting new churches and campuses. Through CPAC, you can discover your best role in church planting as you lean into your strengths to advance the Kingdom of God.

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When you are on the ground, in the middle of church planting, the challenges come fast and furious. That is why Stadia partners with local churches to provide a residency experience that will get you ready to plant. Residency is a long-term opportunity to learn the ins and outs of church planting firsthand while joining a seasoned planter in a shared mission.

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Fundraising Training

Stadia helps with the unique challenge of planter fundraising by providing a fundraising intensive to teach the skills and knowledge necessary to get your church plant get off the ground on a strong financial footing. The Fundraising Intensive provides you with specialized coaching, training, and cohorts to advance you in funding your vision.

Network Collaboration

Stadia brings world-changing churches and generous individuals together to create powerful, reproducing partnerships that draw on each partner’s relational connections, financial resources and visionary expertise.

Project Management

Stadia provides you with a personal expert consultant, managing timelines and details so you can start strong. This guide will help you walk through the nearly 400 legal and financial tasks associated with starting a church, allowing you to focus on building systems that will help you advance your mission instead of getting sidetracked by details.

Document Preparation

Experts prepare forms and administer start-up tasks so planters can focus on people.


Stadia’s Church Bookkeeping champions your finances so you can champion your mission. You will be partnered with a bookkeeper who will help you set up your church’s financials the right way, right from the start. We so believe that excellent bookkeeping is important to a church plant’s journey that we will provide you with your first year of bookkeeping absolutely free, allowing you to focus on helping your church thrive.

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Bloom: Church Planting Women

Bloom is for any woman interested in church planting. We are focused on empowering women to maximize their role in starting churches.

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Management Team

Expert guides serve partners who provide support and accountability.

Pre-Launch Planter Training

Rather than a traditional “boot-camp” training program, Stadia offers a sixteen-week cohort-based training program. The intensive begins with an on-site retreat to help build community with other planters in the same phase as you and continues with online tools and virtual training to help you hone your skills on your schedule.

Our world-class training includes:

  • Stadia’s Church Planting Training Platform
  • Webinars
  • Exponential Conference
  • Huddles


Church planting doesn’t stop after launch – in fact, that’s when it truly starts! For this reason, Stadia provides coaching after the launch of your church for the first two years of your church’s life. Coaching is module-based training that is totally unique to the challenges, needs, and successes of each individual planter. The relationships built between planters and coaches last forever, allowing Stadia to continue to celebrate with you the many successes that God will bring to your plant!

Post-Launch Support

After the new church has launched, Stadia provides you with an experienced coach, ongoing training, and strategic planning to reach long-term health and impact.