Seasoned veterans who help negotiate unfamiliar territory.

Stadia Coaching

Coaching provides church planters with seasoned, experienced colleagues who can help planters see, accept, understand, anticipate, identify, troubleshoot, strategize, and address the wide range of challenges and opportunities that new churches face.

Passionate about and proficient in church planting, Stadia coaches help planters negotiate unfamiliar territory to deal with the challenges and crises that inevitably arise. The relationship develops over regular meetings where the coach asks candid and penetrating questions that empower the planter to evaluate situations and resolve issues with integrity.

Coaching plays such a vital role that many planters continue the relationship at their own expense when the initial Stadia-provided coaching is complete.

“Stadia’s coaching has made me a closer follower of Jesus and a healthier church planter.”

Crockett Davidson

Vintage City Church (Hickory NC/2012)