Church Bookkeeping

Stadia bookkeepers work alongside you in financial matters, so you can focus on reaching your community with the hope of Jesus. Our team is made up of highly qualified bookkeeping professionals who value the mission of the local church. Whether yours is an established church looking for quality outsourced financial management or you are just entering the world of church planting, Church Bookkeeping can help!


Church Bookkeeping Services

Financial Start Up Services

Getting started is half the game. Need a bank account open? Wondering what online giving solution to go with? Our team is equipped and ready to help.

Accounts Payable

We promise to keep it simple. We use a quick and easy online solution for all bills, reimbursements and invoices.

Donor Management

Need help tracking pledges and contributions? Our bookkeeper team is versed in several church management software solutions. We can quickly get you on the right track.

Bank Reconciliation

Double checked for accuracy. Your bookkeeper will monitor and reconcile all funds coming and going out of your bank account.

Church Payroll

Church payroll requires a special set of knowledge. We can help your growing team navigate these complexities and ensure you stay compliant.

Budget & Cash Flow

Monitoring financial trends is fundamental for healthy financial management. Your bookkeeper will report on your income & spending as it relates to your budget. 

Financial Reporting

We’ll provide the information and education you need to fully wrap your mind around the details that matter most.  Our custom report indicators serve as quick snapshots into the financial status of your church.

Relationally Led

We’re passionate about the mission of the church and believe that relationship is key to collaboration.  Your unique bookkeeper will know your story… so they can serve your story!

Meet The Team

Stadia’s team of experienced bookkeepers are passionate about seeing people come to know Jesus. They understand that the long-term financial health of a church is important to its continued impact.

Michelle Parker

Director of Bookkeeping

We love the churches we serve! It is truly a relationship, not just a job. Watching God’s work and seeing the mission of Christ being carried out makes for such a rewarding day.

Kim Aspley

Project Bookkeeper

Since each church works with one specific bookkeeper, we get to know our churches and their needs well. At the same time each church has access to our entire team of experts so we can work on uncommon bookkeeping issues together.

Kelly McNamara

Project Bookkeeper

Stadia’s high quality and knowledgeable bookkeepers set us apart. We are here to serve God’s Kingdom and the local church. Having a Stadia bookkeeper helps ensure your books are in order so you can focus on what you love, which is bringing more people to Christ.

Alyssa Candelaria

Project Bookkeeper

Other bookkeeping companies may offer similar services, or even the same services. But Stadia cares for churches who share our vision of intentionally caring for children so that one day, every child will have a church. We will do everything we can to make sure the church is financially apt to live out this mission.

Jeryn Talley

Project Bookkeeper

Need Church Bookkeeping Services?

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