Stadia’s Church Planting Assessment Center

Long recognized as one of the top assessment centers in the country, Stadia’s assessment has served over 1,000 prospective church planting leaders to determine how they can best be used in starting new churches and campuses. We serve both church leaders considering prospective planters and campus pastors, as well as those who are personally considering church planting, Stadia’s Church Planting Assessment takes leaders to the next level.

I learned so much about our candidates but also how to better assess leaders in general. The Stadia Assessment Team was thorough, honest, challenging and encouraging. We will send any leader we’re considering for church planting or being on a campus team through this process.”

Mark Weigt

Lead Pastor, The Ridge Community Church, Greenfield, WI

During our time, we were challenged, stretched, encouraged and coached. We met diligent leaders devoted not only to healthy church plants, but to healthy church planting families. Radius Church is starting strong thanks in large measure to the investment of Stadia and the CPAC environment.”

Joseph Barkley

Church Planter, Los Angeles

Find out the benefits of Assessment from church planters Rich and Dori Gorman:

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