A New Generation of Church Planters
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Are you a Catalytic Leader who is ready to plant a new church?

Are you a catalytic leader: someone who loves Jesus with all your heart, is a great communicator, and can get things done? Stadia has the honor of helping hundreds of great leaders like you start new churches. Stadia’s Planter Discovery Process guides you through a comprehensive journey of assessment, interviewing, reflecting, and expert input about how your strengths can best be leveraged for church planting leadership. We will help you discern how God could use you to start a church that transforms the next generation and beyond.

“There are four phases of church planting: calling, preparation, launch, and growth. If you skip any phase, you’ll get into trouble. Many guys foolishly jump in without strategy, coaching, and training. Stadia helps at each phase.”

Ali Roohi

CenterSet Church, Sunnyvale, CA/2017

“Stadia coaches, project managers, and staff provide vital support for church planters. They have a wealth of experience in what it takes to launch healthy churches and provide critical assistance when it is needed most.”

Brian McKee

City of Light Church, Milwaukee, WI/2016

“I teach in my church. I disciple women. I sing. I am doing things I never saw myself doing because the voices in Stadia’s Bloom ministry have poured into me to lead.”

Karrie Thomas

Restore Church, Silver Spring, MD/2012

Stadia Is Ready to Help!
Here’s how we prepare Church Planters …

Stadia has the most comprehensive support around for preparing catalytic leaders to plant great churches. Planters are surrounded with church planting experts to serve, pour into, and challenge the next generation of church planters.


Host churches create learning environments for future planters to gain experience.



Stadia’s Bloom empowers women to maximize their role in church planting.



Stadia brings world-changing churches and generous individuals together to surround you with resources and expertise.



Stadia connects you with a seasoned veteran coach who helps you negotiate unfamiliar territory.



A thorough evaluation process where potential planters and residents determine their aptitude, readiness, and calling.


Project Management

Stadia provides you with a personal expert consultant, managing timelines and details so you can focus on people.


Fundraising Training

Stadia’s Fundraising Intensive provides you with specialized coaching, training, and cohorts to advance you in funding your vision.



Stadia church plants have the benefit of professional accounting to help you assess and manage the church’s finances.



Stadia places you in collaborative settings like online labs, cohorts, and special events with planting experts for you to learn essential principles and practices.


Document Preparation

Experts prepare forms and administer start-up tasks so planters can focus on people.

Management Team

Expert guides serve partners who provide support and accountability.

Post-Launch Support

After the new church has launched, Stadia provides you with a community of fellow church planting leaders so you can collaborate with and challenge each other for long-term impact.

New Church Planter? START HERE!

Are you a catalytic leader who's ready to start a great new church? Stadia is ready to help! Let's get started. Tell us about yourself and we'll contact you with next steps.

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