Start A New Church

… and reach the next generation with the hope of Jesus.

You Can Start A Church. Stadia Can Help.

You’ve Been Called

You have a calling, a clear sense of direction that God has placed in your heart – and it’s centered on one thing – helping people encounter the hope of Jesus.


Your Character Is Christlike

Your priorities are in the right place. Your spiritual life is thriving, and so are your marriage and your family. With first things first, your character is strong for the work of starting a new church.


You Have The Right Skills

Leader, communicator, visionary – you’ve heard yourself described this way many times, and now these qualities will come together to help you start a healthy, thriving church.

How To Start A New Church For The Next Generation

1. Fill Out This Form

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2. Check Your Email

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3. Start a New Church for the Next Generation!

Our Planter Discovery Team will walk you through the church startup process step-by-step. We can’t wait to help you get started!

How Stadia Prepares You To Start A New Church

Church Planting Assessment Center

Project Management

Fundraising Intensive

… and more! 

Learn more about the ways you’ll be prepared to start a healthy, thriving church for the next generation!

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