Plan on Stadia’s Workshops at Expo!

Feb 18, 2019

Exponential is the largest gathering of church planters in the world. When you’re in Orlando the first week of March, you will have an opportunity to learn from truly great thought leaders and practitioners. Stadia’s friends and staff are a part of several of the workshops that will be offered over the course of the week, and you don’t want to miss any of them. Check out this list of workshops and make plans now to attend them with your team:

TUESDAY March 5, 2:30pm – 3:30pm 

10 Success Factors for Future Church Planters led by Clint Nolder (Education Building E1, Room 323)

Second to the favor of God, the most important success factor for a church leading people to faith in Jesus is the leader. Stadia has identified 10 Success Factors for future church plant leaders. This workshop will introduce those factors and also provide a guide for quickly self-evaluating and/or identifying potential leaders. Come to this workshop to find out how to identify and encourage potential church planters and/or to develop as a church planter through focused growth.

Clint is the founding pastor of Foundation Christian Church in Newnan, GA.

Identity Redefined: A Conversation About Women in Church Planting led by Debbie Jones, Heidy Tandy, and Dimetra Barrios (Education Building E1, Room 217)

This panel will focus on the unique challenges that women face in church planting — whether you’re a pastor, a co-lead pastor, a pastor’s wife, single, work in the marketplace, stay at home mom, and more! Panelists will discuss what it looks like for women to live into their own identities as a minister of the Gospel regardless of your role in and outside of the church and practical ways to thrive in church planting.

Debbie is the founder and director of Bloom, Stadia Church Planting’s ministry that helps women thrive in church planting.

Heidy is the Associate Director of Bloom, and she and her husband planted Movement Church in Newport, KY in 2014.

Dimetra is the co-lead pastor of Legacy Brooklyn (Brooklyn, NY) with her husband, Richard.

WEDNESDAY March 6 8:45am-9:45am

Identity Crisis: Getting to Know Who You Are So You Can Let Go of Who You Aren’t led by Debbie Jones, Sarah Burnett, and Zarat Boyd (Education Building E1, Room 217)

Personality tests such as the Enneagram, StrengthsFinder, DISC, and Myers-Briggs are very popular right now. What we do with this information and knowledge we find out about ourselves is even more important than the tests themselves! This workshop will explore the Scriptural connections to several personality assessments and how women can use these tools to maximize their roles in starting churches.

Debbie is the founder and director of Bloom, Stadia Church Planting’s ministry that helps women thrive in church planting.

Sarah is the Associate Director of Bloom Communications. She and her husband, Josh, planted Revolution Annapolis in Annapolis, MD in 2010.

Rev. Dr. Zarat Boyd is the President and Chief Learning Officer of MaxLife, Inc., a strategic practice founded to ignite and cultivate leadership teams’ desire for significance.

10 Questions Church Planters Should Be Asking led by Dimetra and Richard Barrios (Education Building E1, Room 323)

Are you thinking about planting a church? Do you know someone who is (or should be) thinking about planting a church? There are some questions future church planters should be asking when thinking about how to reach people with the Good News. The goal of this workshop is to provide a deeper understanding of the current issues and realities of church planting. Hear stories from church planters and discover how asking these 10 questions have been and continue to be vital when considering planting a church.

Richard and Dimetra are co-lead pastors of Legacy Brooklyn, a new church plant in Brooklyn, NY.

WEDNESDAY March 6 11:45am – 12:45pm

Thriving in Church Planting: Women’s Networking Lunch

This lunch will provide the rare opportunity to sit across the table from several high impact leaders on the ground in church planting! Bloom, a ministry of Stadia Church Planting, invites you to join us during this hour-long conversational lunch just for women at Exponential. Grab your lunch and be prepared to ask questions of a panel women whose expertise and experience will challenge and encourage you to lead strong in your own church planting context! You are not alone! Panel: Debbie Jones, Autumn Katz, Kim Griffith, Deb Walkemeyer, and Heidy Tandy.

WEDNESDAY March 6 1:00pm – 2:00pm

Teams in Church Planting led by Andrea Hamilton (Education Building E1, Room 323)

The multiplication of new churches will be fueled by healthy teams. Come learn about how the generational shifts have impacted the view of teamwork and how teamwork is an excellent Biblical model for ministry. Hear why teamwork is the best strategy for rapidly multiplying new churches and gain insights for building healthy teams.

Andrea is Stadia Church Planting’s Director of Global Development and was formerly a director of the Kids Ministry of Mosaic Christian Church, located just outside of Baltimore, MD.

WEDNESDAY March 6 2:30pm – 3:30pm

Reaching the Next Generation with Church Planting led by Josh Gosney (Education Building E1, Room 323)

The challenges of leading the next generation to faith in Jesus are a significant church planting opportunity. Hear statistics and stories about the challenges of generational shifts and how church plants are uniquely equipped to address them. Hear stories from recent church plants and gain practical steps in leading the next generation to faith in Jesus. Whether you are a future church planter yourself or a leader of a church committed to supporting church planting, this workshop will be informative and challenging for you.

Josh is the lead pastor of Wake Church in Houston, TX, which he launched in 2016.

THURSDAY March 7 8:45am-9:45am

Give It a Year: Mobilizing the Next Generation led by Matt Murphy (Education Building E1, Room 323)

Next generation leaders are critical for the success and sustainability of any new church plant. Also, the spiritual health and vitality of young people is buoyed by participation in a new church plant. There is an opportunity to engage young leaders in your church plant by creating what Stadia calls a “Give it a Year” program. Hear why and how to inspire next generation leaders to give a year of their life to church planting and gain practical insight on how to create and take opportunities to engage those leaders in church planting.

Matt is the Marketing and Strategic Services Executive for Stadia Church Planting, and was formerly the Executive Pastor of Revolution Annapolis, a church plant in Annapolis, MD.