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 A Phygital Church is a Multiplying Church

With the onset of a global pandemic, questions abound. The economy is in flux, and people are looking for answers. They’re looking for community. They are looking for Christ.

As a pastor, you have questions, too. What does it mean for a church to thrive in a post-pandemic culture? In an age when many churches are already dying, is it possible for churches to grow in a new, harsher environment? Is multiplying still possible?

That’s where technology comes in. Stadia, in connection with THECHURCH.DIGITAL, is passionate about helping churches like yours develop an effective ministry model which builds on your physical ministry by helping it grow and multiply digitally. This blend of physical and digital ministry – phygital – is not a replacement of community, but a birth of a new kind of community. Phygital ministry uses technology as a tool to complement the mission of the church in both the physical and digital realms – to grow across multiple contexts, and to multiply everywhere that people gather, online or in person. Phygital Church is an opportunity to complement your church’s mission, vision, and strategy. It is a timely tool designed to help your church thrive, grow, and multiply, no matter what curveballs life throws.


Thrive Today

Phygital Church is not about recreating your physical ministry online. It’s about reinventing your ministries to meet people where they are, physically and digitally. A phygital church strategy should complement the overall vision of your church, and drive conversations instead of simply creating content. By using a phygital approach to complement your church’s current ministries, all aspects of your church’s discipleship thrive – online and in person.

Grow Tomorrow

As you take steps to help your church thrive today, we’ll help you solve the tensions that can arise from expanding your digital reach while attempting to integrate that expansion into your physical ministries. You want to know each of the people that your views represent, to follow up with those who watch or help them to take next steps in your community. You want your digital small groups and online presence to fit seamlessly into your assimiliation process for new members of your community.  The goal of thriving in phygital ministry today is to help you answer these questions effectively so that your church can grow tomorrow.


Multiply For the Future

You want your church to be filled, physically and virtually, with disciple makers. Your Phygital Church isn’t a virtual building where people meet – it’s the distribution network mobilizing people to share the Gospel and multiply. Imagine the multiplying power possible from taking an attender and mobilizing him towards his circle of influence, or unleasing her on personal mission, physically or digitally. Your church attenders are already phygital people. By responding to this fact by being a phygital church, you have an opportunity to connect with people everywhere they gather.

Stadia’s Phygital Church Learning Communities

Developing a multiplying church takes commitment. Stadia is organizing leaders like you who want to multiply their church into cohorts to help foster environments for churches to thrive, grow, and multiply phygitally.

Phygital Church Learning Communities

Stadia’s Phygital Church Learning Communities are 10-week long cohorts designed to help you develop a strategy for Phygital Church. Video sessions will be available to watch on demand, followed by a weekly live huddle with other church leaders to process and share learnings together. The curriculum is geared toward training on core discipleship and assimilation processes for a phygital church, and developing and mobilizing staff/volunteers to lead both physically and digitally.

On Demand Content
Video sessions and additional resources will be available on demand through our Platform, MyStadia. Sessions include content from the following churches:

  • Churchome
  • Saddleback
  • Crossroads
  • Westside Family
  • NorthPoint
  • Bayside
  • Mariners Church

Guided zoom weekly huddles will consist of 6-10 churches in similar seasons.

You will receive an e-workbook to help you process the content with your team, tackling key questions and vital steps in becoming a Phygital church.

Online Community
Communicate, share ideas, and learn from other Phygital Learning Community participants in our My Stadia Platform.

The total cost for the Phygital Learning Community is $1495. For each church registration, up to 2 additional team members will have the ability to access the content  and join the weekly huddles.


*At this time, we are only able to offer Phygital Learning Communities in the United States. 

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