Physical Church + Digital Church

Phygital Church

Be prepared to thrive in the new physical and digital church reality.

Your mission hasn’t changed.

But do your methods need to?

You know you’re called to lead your church, but no book, course, or calling prepared you for a post-pandemic church landscape. Metrics have changed, methods have changed, and minds have changed, and you feel apprehensive about the future of your church.


How can you navigate this new landscape and pursue your God-given mission?

With Just A Little Help.

We know how confusing the rapidly changing church landscape can be. But we’ve also had the opportunity to help hundreds of leaders navigate that landscape in ways that not only pursue, but advance, the mission of their church.

And we want to help you, too.


Dedicated Staff

Staff members whose sole job is to learn, develop, and teach about phygital and digital church

1000s of Leaders

Served through Stadia’s Futurist Cohorts, Phygital Learning Communities, and online webinars


18 years of developing a network of relationships with industry leaders and innovators

Prepare to Thrive – Phygitally.

Learning to navigate this new landscape is as simple as following three easy steps.

1. Register for a Phygital Learning Community

The next round of Learning Communities start in October 2021.

2. Build Your Phygital Strategy

With the resources and relationships you access in your learning community, you’ll be equipped to build a strategy that works for your church.

3. Execute with Confidence!

Put your strategy into action and watch your church thrive!

What Other Pastors Are Saying

Whether you’re just getting started or have been doing phygital ministry for years, the landscape can still be tricky. Our friend Jason has a few reasons you should join a Learning Community now!