Sanidad Divino Rios de Milagros

July 2018 Update

Greetings, brothers and sisters of Trader’s Point! We are happy to be able to share with you an update on the construction and ministries of your new plant in Sanos Chaupi, Peru! Praise God that to date, 80% of the project has been completed. The walls and roof of the multipurpose room have been placed, as well as the walls and beginning structure for the roofs of our other spaces. A concrete floor has also been placed in all the rooms. In the upcoming months, we will plaster the rooms and place the ceilings and roofs in the rooms that don’t have them yet. We will also install drainage, water, and electrical systems, and we will build a sidewalk outside the classrooms and bathrooms to make it easier for the families to get between spaces.

In our ministries, the fasting and prayer times continue to be scheduled together with the church and workers. The community is supporting the construction with manpower, and the donation of beverages and food for the workers has been handled by the members of the church. The community helped with the registration of children, and we have also been working on getting the word out about the church and the child development center.

Though things have been going well in our construction and ministries, we have faced some challenges. Our first challenge is to complete the work by the estimated deadline because between May and June the weather changed. The weather is now cold and frosty, and it can sometimes prevent construction from moving on as planned. registering a temperature of 0 degrees, which we usually call frost as it is so cold that it prevents manpower from continuing working. The cold weather also sometimes freezes the water, making progress challenging. Finally, the high cost of the materials was a challenge, because some of our supplies had to be brought in all the way from Lima. However, in spite of the difficulties, church members have shown their love for the work and continue helping to feed and encourage the workers.

We are grateful to God for Trader’s Point and people who have joined the vision of the church. We also thank God for the brethren who are wholeheartedly giving resources, food, and drinks for this construction process. This reminds me of what the book of Acts 2: 44-45, says, that “all the believers were together and had everything in common: they sold their property and possessions, and shared their goods with one another according to each one’s need.” Thank God, and I (the pastor) will be praying for the donors so that God will keep them safe and bless them. 

The neighbors are happy that a church supporting the community has been opened. They have provided support to the church for its construction. For many years there has been no church with a vision of bringing social support to the community. Together with the church, municipal entities are now enabling drainage and water systems for the community, knowing that it is a great benefit for the children of this area. Now, the community is waiting expectantly for the inauguration of the church and the program.


  • Pray for the members of the church and leaders
  • Pray for the team of builders and construction workers
  • Pray for the pastor and the volunteer staff and children in the program
  • Pray that God may continue to support this project
  • Pray that sponsors continue to support children
  • Pray that God may continue to give strength to continue seeing his powerful hand
  • Pray that our staff will be able to continue being trained in theological studies to provide good teaching for the brothers and the church and the children

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