Sanidad Divino Rios de Milagros

May 2018 Update

Greetings, brothers and sisters of Trader’s Point Christian Church!! We are happy to be able to share with you the first update on our construction and ministry in Saños Chaupi, Peru! So far, 25% of the construction has been completed. Perimeter ditches have been dug and emptied, and the walls to the sanctuary are built.

In our ministries, we have been focused on using our construction to engage our community and give people opportunities to serve. The church has participated in communal times of fasting and prayer, and we have organized donations of food and drink. We are also always looking for community members to help us in our construction in order to help provide pay for some families in the community.

Though things are going well, we have faced some challenges. The land for construction is very rocky, making clearing the land much harder than we thought. There are also very few materials available in the immediate region, making construction materials expensive. Finally, there has been extreme heat, because we are in the middle of our summer season. However, we have seen the church working together to make this construction a reality, which has been a huge blessing even with our challenges.

In the next two months, we plan to continue to lift the walls in the rest of the construction and to fill the floor of the rooms and sanctuary. We will install our water and drainage facilities, as well as tile the bathrooms and the kitchen.

We are grateful to the Lord for all the things we are able to witness. We are grateful to the donors who are supporting us in order to work together for God’s work with love, meekness, and peace, like the Apostle Paul says in Ephesians 4: 1-5. Thank you, Lord! We are going to be praying for the donors so that the Lord will keep and bless them.

First of all, I want to thank God for His goodness and for the chance given to participate in the church plant program in this area. The construction of a new church is eagerly awaited by the community as this is an opportunity to continue to preach the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and support many children and families through the children’s ministry. I am grateful to the Lord for allowing us to find a suitable land for the construction, as well as for the provision of monetary resources. This way, we will fulfill our dream and build a new temple in the area. Many people in the community are impressed by the project as they know that their children are going to learn about Jesus and life values. The community thanks the Lord for such a blessing.

Edwin Gutiérrez



  • Thank the Lord for His support and for listening to their prayers
  • Thank the donors for their financial support towards this church
  • Thank the church for their support and togetherness towards the construction of the temple.



  • May the Lord continue to financially support this project
  • May the donors continue to support the children
  • May the Lord continue to give us the strength to witness His powerful work
  • May I (the pastor) continue to pursue theological studies to provide the church fellows and children with good teaching

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