Church of the Prophecy – La Primavera 

May 2018 Update

Greetings, brothers and sisters of Traders Point Christian Church! We are happy to be able to share this report with you and would like to start by telling you a brief story of how God put the San Carlos community in our hearts. One of our sisters is a teacher who loves children very much. One day she realized her students had not attended lessons at the Saturday Bible School at the “Misión Centenario” Mission Church (mother church). Therefore, our sister started to miss them and went looking for them. She then realized that their parents had moved to the squatter settlement of San Carlos. It was then when pastor Isabel León de Nuñivero (wife of mother church pastor) had the desire to build an establishment in San Carlos so that we could look after children and parents with low economic resources and share God’s gospel.

Our brothers in the church keep giving their time and effort so that the San Carlos Mission Church can be built and come true in order to provide our children, brothers, and sisters with a proper place where they can get together since they are people with low economic resources. With the help of our student center, we have already been able to reach mothers and their families. There are five mothers currently working in the student center as volunteers, and now they even attend services with their children on Saturdays! Praise God!

The challenge we have faced so far is simply to build and finish all rooms in the San Carlos Mission church so that our children and their parents may attend our premises and we will be able to teach them God’s gospel in a comfortable, safe environment. The opportunity that is promised at the end of construction is that we will be able to look after many children thanks to the construction and thus we will share God’s gospel with them and reach their families. Our dream is to win the population of San Carlos for Christ.

In the upcoming months, we plan to build and lay the roof on four of our rooms, as well as pouring the footings for the restrooms, kitchen, and multipurpose room.


  • We would like to thank our brothers and sisters of Compassion, Stadia Church Planting, and Traders Point, because God has put in their hearts the will to help this place in San Carlos, where many children with low economic resources will benefit from their help.
  • We ask our brothers and sisters to pray for parents with low economic resources so that they may accept God as their Lord and Savior.

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