San Carlos Mission Church

July 2018 Update

Greetings, brothers and sisters of Trader’s Point! We are happy to be able to share with you an update on the construction and ministries of your new church in San Carlos, Peru! We have made good progress in our construction in the past few months and things are moving along well. In the upcoming months, we plan to finish with the plastering works in all rooms, installation of fences in the last part of the perimeter of the land, placement of windows and doors, and installation of electricity, before we finally paint all of our new spaces!

In our ministries, we had an evangelization week. We had not initially planned this week, but because of the heavy rains in Peru and the destruction in our region, missionaries from our denomination came down to help us run evangelism in our neighborhood. We preached God’s gospel with the purpose of spreading His Kingdom. Throughout the works carried out in that week, there is now no family in the community of San Carlos that is unaware of the construction of our church. We expect to have some baptisms in the upcoming months, because between the church and the child development program, we are winning families for Christ.

We are grateful to report that we have not faced many challenges. As with any new church plant, our faith has been tested, but we have seen God’s power through the construction in more ways than we thought we would. This makes us happy because we have a place where we can teach children and their parents God’s gospel. Through the construction of San Carlos Mission Church, we will have the opportunity to have a proper area where we will be able to take care of children and their parents and where they will be encouraged to learn and know more about Christ.

We hope that the bond between our churches does not vanish and that we always keep contact so that we can jointly do great things for God’s kingdom. 


  • We are grateful for Trader’s Point because God put in their hearts the will to participate in the construction of “San Carlos” Mission Church and our heart’s desire will be accomplished.


  • We ask you to pray for the completion of the construction of San Carlos Mission Church, which we also enthusiastically await
  • Pray for our eight new congregants who will be baptized in the following months

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