Peregrinos de Mesones Muro

May 2018 Update

Greetings, brothers and sisters of Trader’s Point Christian Church!! We are happy to be able to share with you the first update on our construction and ministry in Saños Greetings, brothers and sisters of Traders Point Christian Church! We are so happy to be able to share our first update with you! When we first heard you were going to help us build our church, a few of us were meeting for the church, Bible lessons, and Sunday School in a family house, but then we choose to lease a house located in the town square where there is more opportunity to preach and get to more children to attend. In the months since we have begun, we have worked on informing the population about the child development center and its purpose. We have also visited each child’s home and given evening bible lessons for children. We also have taken time to make intercessory prayers for the sick in our community.

The greatest challenge we have faced is that our church decided to open a preaching center in the District of Mesones Muro, a place in which no one knew us. Because we were unknown, we were at a disadvantage. However, we were able to visit house by house and share God’s gospel with many people. We are grateful that the community is now getting excited for the children to have their own space to receive biblical teachings!

In our construction work, all of the foundational work has already been done. We will spend the next few months raising the walls and laying the roof for our structures and connecting water and electricity.

The work united between Traders Point, Stadia, and Compassion to spread God’s gospel to others has caused a great impact in our local community. We are now encouraged to take on more difficult challenges because we know that everything is possible with God’s help. ​

I thank God for the interest showed by the families in our community, which is evidenced through acts such as sending their children to Sunday school, attending, and helping at the church each Sunday. They have also showed their interest by encouraging us to open the student center, which will be a great help and blessing to families that need to accept Jesus as their Savior.

Eleodoro Manayay



  • We thank Stadia and Compassion International for being organizations that allow us to work in partnership and give us the opportunity to receive proper training to teach other families to know God’s great love.
  • We thank all the donors at Traders Point for their economic support, which is provided unconditionally and serves to continue with this evangelistic mission in favor of children.
  • We are grateful to all of our district authorities that granted all respective authorizations to perform works, as well as to all friends and relatives who have helped us with the activities scheduled.



  • We ask God and you to always pray for us, for this new church planting and for the student center that will begin its official activities soon.

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