Church of the Prophecy – La Primavera 

November 2018 Update

Greeting Traders Point! We are excited to share with you our last and final update as our project has been completed! We are so happy about this! 

We have held evangelistic meetings for adults and children and workshops are being held for mothers and fathers. We are also considering adding some productive workshops with mothers. We have also held recreational and educational tasks and activities with children in our community.  

One of the great challenges was making the population believe that an environment where we would assist children in a church would really be built here. Finally, it has been achieved. 

This construction gives us a great opportunity to reach children and mothers of the community and its surroundingsthus, being able to share with them the love of God. It also enables us to know more about their needs, and we can help in their homes with different blessings for them. 

We have also had the opportunity to teach foundational skills through workshops for parents and deliver Bibles so they can start reading the word of God themselves and to their children. 

The construction is completed, so now we can fully focus on the spiritual growth of the church and their commitment to Christ. 

Thank you for helping in the construction of this work for the benefit of the children and their families. With your support, we can develop these children and their parents. We will also be able to help them to get out of extreme poverty, so they can study and live better. We will help them to improve not only their physical health to live better but more importantly, their spiritual life, as they learn about our Savior. 


For me, going to the project is very nice because I have learned to pray for my momfor my friends and teacher, and also for food. I’m grateful to eat the fruit salad I like fruits, especially mandarin and passion fruitI also like it because my dad never bought me a gift for my birthday and now, I have a sponsor who sends me a gift, thank you.

Justi Johao Flores Adrianzen

6-year-old Sponsored Child


  • Your support in the construction of church planting. 
  • Pray for the community and its surroundings families. 
  • Pray for Pastor Estiwar Mogollón Alburqueque and his family, in charge of the church. 

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