Church of the Prophecy – La Primavera 

September 2018 Update

Greetings Traders Point! We are excited to share another update with you on our plant! So far, we have finished about 90% of the construction and we have been able to make a name for ourselves in that the church will be a place of support for the whole community.  

In updates related to the construction; we have built up walls around the auditorium and have put up a roof made of the metallic structure. The floors have been laid in every classroom and the kitchen and office have a roof now. The tiles are being put up over all the walls around the kitchen area as well.  

The pastor in charge, along with her team, visit the children’s homes once a week in order to talk with their parents and share with them the Gospel. Our church has become a great blessing and influence in the whole community. We have a great chance to help the people in the area not only to learn about Jesus but also to provide counsel and social assistance. Our challenge is to make the parents of our beneficiaries grow closer to Christ.  

In the next couple of months, we will continue to put tiles up over the walls in the kitchen area, paint the auditorium and classrooms, install sinks, and work on some finishing touches.  

We are praying for your family and for spiritual growth, may God always bless your lives! 

The church is God’s answer to our prayers. Thanks to the people who visit us, we are able to enrich our knowledge about God. We learn more about what Jesus and His Father did for us. On the other hand, it is very beautiful for the children to listen and learn about our Father, who is God.

Anahí Maribel Córdova Saavedra

Mother of a Child in the Program


  • Please pray for children of Mahanaim, for their parents, for children’s teachers, and for our volunteers that serve in this ministry with love. 

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