Church of the Prophecy – La Primavera 

May 2018 Update

Greetings, brothers and sisters of Trader’s Point! We are happy to be able to share with you an update on the construction and ministries of your new church plant in Tallanes, Peru! In our construction, we have finished 70% of the rough construction work and have also been able to place a roof on the multi-purpose room! The six construction workers, under the foreman Edwin Jose Herrera, work from 7:30 am to 5 pm and the project engineer is providing constant support and supervision. In the next few months, we will install flooring in the classrooms and temple, and we will build the kitchen and bathrooms.

In our ministries, we have been holding evangelistic campaigns for adults and children, and we are also in the process of developing workshops for parents, including workshops to help teach mothers skills that can earn them some income.

We are grateful to be able to report that we have not faced any unexpected challenges in the past few months. The church has already had a great impact to the families of this community and surroundings. This building provides us the opportunity to reach children and mothers so we can share the love of God with them. It also allows us to understand their needs and help them in their homes.

Thanks for your help to build this work to the benefit of the children of Mahanaim in Tallanes. These children and their parents will be able to grow spiritually and physically thanks to your support. We will also help them to get out of extreme poverty. Moreover, we will help them to study, grow up healthy, and enjoy good health. In that way, they will be a great blessing to their community and society in the future.

I am 27 years old and I have been living in this area for about 3 years now. When I heard that the Iglesia de Dios de la Profecía was enrolling children in the program, I got interested and I enrolled my son. Since then, the church has been worried about the well-being of my family and my child. Nobody had been so worried about us before. I like to attend the meetings and I learn about God.

Nancy del Socorro Zapata Sullon

Mother of Sponsored Child


  • Pray for children so that their families may get to know God through them.
  • Pray for Pastor Estiwar Mogollón Alburqueque and his family who are in charge of the “Iglesia de la Profecía de la Primavera” Church in Piura.

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