Church of the Prophecy – La Primavera 

May 2018 Update

Greetings, brothers and sisters of Traders Point! We are happy to share with you that work on our church commenced on March 22, 2018. Our construction work has been divided into four stages, and we are nearing completion of stage one (excavation, foundation, and columns). We have workers working full-time from 7:30 am to 5 pm daily. Pastor Estiwar is in charge of purchasing the materials and coordinating with the foreman, Oscar Huaman. Church members helped us to build a shed to safely store the materials.

Sister Nolberta Peña Ramírez, leader of the mother church, is in charge of the church activities at present as Pastor Estiwar gets acclimated. She is organizing evangelistic campaigns directed at community families. The creation of family cell groups is being considered as a discipleship technique, which will help us improve our work with children.

From the beginning, we have believed our church will have a huge impact on families in our community. For this reason, we are doing our best to help beneficiary children who receive your help, which is intended to help children in extreme poverty in this area. For us, this work has already been a great experience. With God’s help, we will continue to work on our deadline and have our construction finished in a timely manner.

In the next few months, we plan on completing all the construction above the foundation, including brick placement, filling the columns, finishing the auditorium space, and installing the water and drainage systems.

Thank you for your support in favor of 200 children in this area of Piura. With your help, we will free these children from extreme poverty and help them achieve their dreams, keep studying, and grow strong and healthy so that they may be a blessing to their community. 

Pastor Peña has been in charge of the “Iglesia de la Profecía” Church for two years, where the mother church and mother development center are located. She says, “For me, this job has been a great experience. As a personal testimony, I can tell how wonderful it is to see families, especially children, happy when we visit their houses, provide them with hampers, talk to them about God’s love and help them improve their lives every day. Thank you for your great love and support that allow us to keep helping children, especially to extend God’s kingdom.”

Bethy Nolberta Peña Ramírez

Mother Church Pastor


  • Pray for children so that their families may get to know God through them.
  • Pray for Pastor Estiwar Mogollón Alburqueque and his family who are in charge of the “Iglesia de la Profecía de la Primavera” Church in Piura.

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