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Partner with Stadia to Plant Churches in Under-Resourced Neighborhoods

Under-resourced neighborhoods in cities across the U.S. need new churches! You can help by investing in a powerful church planting partnership between Stadia and World Impact. America’s inner cities are unreached mission fields, with millions who have not heard the gospel. Most churches in the inner city are not culturally-conducive to the poor who live in the neighborhoods. Churches need to be planted where the poor can serve in leadership.

Children at a World Impact mission school, which supports their discipleship and church planting goals.

World Impact has been committed to evangelism, discipleship, and indigenous leadership development among the urban poor for over 40 years. As the national training arm for World Impact, The Urban Ministry Institute (TUMI) provides seminary-level education and urban ministry skills for people in these communities.

In 2017, Stadia and World Impacted partnered to start 15 new churches in cities like Los Angeles, San Diego, Queens, Newark, and Atlanta. In 2018, we are looking to plant 15 more. We are seeking out churches and partners who will commit $15,000 to plant each of these churches.

Watch the video below to hear more about church planting in under-resourced neighborhoods with Stadia and World Impact. We are seeking churches, ministry partners and generous investors to join us. If interested in a church planting partnership, contact Jeff Bennett at Or give directly at the links below.

“Our modern cities contain unprecedented levels of population, diversity, and opportunity. Word Impact and Stadia are no the forefrnot fo equipping and empowering pastors to evangelize and disciple unreached and underserved communities right here in the United States. The Ridge is humbled and privileged to be working together as the Church to advance the gospel.”

Sadie Baile

The Ridge Community Church, Greenfield, WI

Finding Hope in Chicago, the Place I Call Home

From an outsider’s view, Edgewater, Uptown, and Rogers Park could all be described as “under-resourced neighborhoods” in Chicago. After living in the middle of these three communities for the past seven years, however, that description is a far cry from the place I...



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