Church Planting Changes Lives

Together, you and Stadia help plant churches

that change the lives of children and communities.

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Looking for resources to help your church go online in this season?

The world needs hope. 

The church is how they’ll find it.

New churches bring hope where there is darkness and uncertainty, and as a result, lives are changed. You, your family, your church, your small group – you can all be part of inviting this hope into communities all around the world. Stadia wants to help.

Church Planters

If you’ve been called to plant a church, Stadia is here to help.

See how Stadia can help you take the first step toward a thriving, multiplying church!

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U.S. Church Planting

Where would you be without the local church? The local church introduces people to the hope of Jesus Christ, and Stadia wants to help your new church be next.

Global Church Planting

Children everywhere need the hope of Jesus. Partnering with indigenous, high-impact organizations, Stadia can connect you with church planting efforts all around the globe.

Give to Church Planting

With the help of people just like you, Stadia has helped to plant 1000 churches – and we believe we are called to plant the next 1000, as well. Your generosity makes those next thousand possible.

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Actually, Digital Church Is All About Relationships

Actually, Digital Church Is All About Relationships

Stadia, in connection with THECHURCH.DIGITAL, is passionate about helping churches like yours develop an effective ministry model which builds on your physical ministry by helping it grow and multiply digitally. “In a physical environment, it’s easy to get started,...

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Ministry of Financial Integrity – Church Bookkeeping

Ministry of Financial Integrity – Church Bookkeeping

Around the time I was 8 years old, probably as a result of doing a lot of money math in school, I realized how much I loved money.  Not wanting to have a lot of money, but wanting to manage money.  Count it. Organize it.  I spent inordinate amounts of time having my...

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Five Lessons I Learned from a Covid-19 Spike at Our Church

Five Lessons I Learned from a Covid-19 Spike at Our Church

In March, April, and May, our church staff braced for a wave of Covid-19 cases to sweep through our church family. It never happened. In fact, for the first three months of the Covid-19 outbreak, our church family of about 1500 only experienced a handful of...

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