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We are committed to meeting the needs of children around the world by planting more and better churches.

We want you to be a part of this integral calling. How can Stadia help you accelerate church planting all around the world?

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Are you wanting to start a church or expand your reach through another campus?

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Answer: YES

The first time I ever considered planting a church was when I was in undergrad – I followed the journey that my youth pastor from middle school was taking as he planted with Stadia and thought that someday I might like to do the same. It wasn’t long after that I...

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Confirm (and Affirm!) Your Calling

Samuel anointed David. Elisha took up his master Elijah's mantle. Peter was the rock upon which Jesus built His church. In each case, someone further along the journey said, "I see something in you." Stadia's Church Planting Assessment Center (CPAC) is a valuable tool...

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Take The Courageous Step

As you can hear from lead planter of Legacy Brooklyn, Dimetra Barrios, Bloom knows how hard church planting can be, because they've been there. And they want to help you thrive in church planting, no matter your role! In Bloom's latest book, Named & Known, Dimetra...

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