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We are committed to meeting the needs of children around the world by planting more and better churches.

We want you to be a part of this integral calling. How can Stadia help you accelerate church planting all around the world?

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When Stadia recommended that Brandon Jacobs and his wife Sara do a residency before planting their own church, it would have been easy for Brandon to say, "But I'm already a pastor! Why on earth do I have to be a resident when I've already been doing the work?"...

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Investigate the Promise

“What did I get myself into?!” I’ll never forget this thought that ran through my head at 6:00 am on my first morning of my church planting residency at Front Range Christian Church.  I was putting up pipe and drape in the gym of Douglas County High School. Up until...

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Expect the Unexpected

When it comes to church planting, my wife and I would first say that you learn to expect the unexpected. In some ways, at the beginning of our Church Planting Assessment (CPAC) journey, we had no expectations. Our experience there was unique due to the fact that the...

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