Now It’s Your Turn: Plant an Under-Resourced Neighborhood Church

Jul 17, 2018

In 2017, Stadia formalized a partnership with World Impact to begin planting churches in urban, under-resourced areas across the United States. Why? Because we won’t stop planting churches until every child has a church. If this vision is to be realized we must plant churches every place children are living, and that is increasingly becoming the urban centers around the country.

Last year we helped plant 15 churches in cities like Los Angeles, San Diego, Newark, Queens, Kansas City, and Atlanta.

The Ridge Church partnered with us to plant a Bengali church in Queens, New York, after Sadie Baile, their Restore Director, joined us on a vision trip to Newark. Sadie shared about her experience, “Our modern cities contain unprecedented levels of population, diversity, and opportunity. World Impact and Stadia are on the forefront of equipping and empowering pastors to evangelize and disciple unreached and underserved communities right here in the United States.  The Ridge is humbled and privileged to be working together as the Church to advance the Gospel.”

This year we hope to plant 15 more churches in under-resourced neighborhoods in cities across the country. But we need your help!

You Can Plant An Urban Church

World Impact brings a leadership pipeline and experience in working among the urban poor. Stadia brings expertise and a track record of starting new, sustainable churches. So what do we need from you? We need you and your church to provide the fuel for this partnership.  We need you to see this church planting model in action, then invest!

Join Us on a Vision Trip

I’d like to personally invite you to get a glimpse into this partnership by joining us on a vision trip. We have a church planting vision trip coming up September 18 through 20 in Newark/New York City.

On this trip you’ll get to spend time with Bob Engel, National Director of Church Planting for World Impact, and hear from several World Impact church planters. You’ll walk the communities where World Impact has planted and will be planting churches. From One World Trade Center (NYC), you’ll hear World Impact and Stadia’s vision to transform urban poor communities for Christ.

Would you join us? We’ll pay for your hotel and meals. All you have to do is cover travel. Click HERE to learn more and to register.

Jeff Bennett, U.S. Church Planting Executive

Jeff’s role is focused on increasing Stadia’s capacity to make a greater impact in U.S. church planting. He has partnered in planting churches in Georgia, across the U.S. and globally. Jeff lives in the Atlanta area with his wife, Lisa, and two daughters, Madison and Macy.