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New Countries, New Continents, New Believers: OUI, S’IL VOUS PLAIT!

After living on different continents and working in law, business, and local church ministry, Frederic and Nadine Libert, along with their two young daughters, began the greatest adventure of a lifetime in the middle of a worldwide pandemic.

After seeking counsel and assessment through Stadia in early 2021, Fred and Nadine, both gifted communicators and strong leaders launched laliberté.live, a digital expression of the church, originating from Montreal, Canada, and Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Hundreds of curious people followed this new church drawn by a fantastic worship team in Africa and a dynamic leadership duo in Canada. 

Soon after launching digitally, an open call to action resulted in more than 100 applications for small group leaders and more than 800 indicated the desire to join a group. These new groups are formed on 4 continents in more than 40 countries. Soon after there were spontaneous requests for baptism and in Morocco, Tunisia, and France new believers charged into the water of life.

Very quickly, a network of supporting churches has begun coming together—Life.Church, Christ’s Church of the Valley (AZ), Parkview Christian Church (IL), Westside Family Church (KS) and Stadia Church Multiplication are all surrounding Fred and Nadine and their family. 

In the early days of September 2021, the Liberts moved their young family from Montreal to Kinshasa, DRC. The online church continues to gather hundreds through laliberté.live and preparations are underway to launch the first in-person congregation in Kinshasa. The capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo is the most populous French-speaking city in the world, ahead of Paris. The total population is approaching 20 million people. Of the 350 million French speakers in the world, 60% are in Africa and by 2050 this proportion is expected to increase to 90% among 15-29 year olds. By 2060 there could well be 1 billion French speakers in the world with more than half those on the African continent.

The name of this movement, LaLiberté.live means liberty. Laliberté.live exists so that you can know Jesus, live free, discover who you are, and walk in your destiny. The Instagram following is now over 150,000. In Kinshasa, the average age is 19 years old.

Stadia is excited to help Fred and Nadine and learn from them as they make disciples who use their gifts to multiply God’s kingdom. Pray for Africa, pray for Fred and Nadine Libert and their worship partners Jow’ell and Eunice Bombay. Pray for God to move churches and individuals (maybe you?) to join the support team and help this young movement become great for God. Ask questions to any of the leaders involved—and listen for God’s leading then respond with faith.




Fred Libert, La Liberté: [email protected]  

Brent Foulke, Stadia: [email protected]  

Larrie Fraley, CCV: [email protected] 

Bill Carroll, Parkview: [email protected]